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Mr X

Omnia Casino and CasinoCoin

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Online gambling has come a long way since its inception of the first online casino in 1996. Since that time, online casinos have perfected their craft and are always looking to get an edge on competitors. These operators are hard pressed to get a piece of the very large pie of the online gambling market ($50 billion world wide). This figure is set to double by 2024. Whoever can take advantage of this market will reap the rewards.

Blockchain technology has recently been an interest in this industry. Many have adopted the use of Bitcoin and other Cryptocurrencies as a separate option to gamble with in an attempt to stay up to date with emerging technologies. This is where CasinoCoin first set their eyes when starting 2 and a half years ago, creating a revolutionary technology backed by an impressive team. They set out to enhance a market that is always looking forward to better their business. Omnia Casino will be the first online casino operator to utilize CasinoCoin’s blockchain technology to enhance their loyalty programme.


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