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Community Relay Nodes/ Community experiences ?

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Hey so I was thinking about applying to be a CRN I'm guessing there isn't that many since CSC is still a small project in its infancy overdue for lots of growth.
I've not really heard any experiences of people using the CRN I'm kind of confused on how exactly it works and how much you can generally earn from the reward system and if its something worth looking into. 
I had a quick read on the CSC website and I think to be a CRN you're required 1 Million CSC and when 1,000 nodes are validated you receive your payout, sort of like mining.

I love to hear some genuine experience of Community Relay Node contributors as I'd love to look more into CRN and maybe soon become one. 

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17 hours ago, Ermac said:

CRNs will be starting early Q4 



I can't wait to get my own node!

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