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CasinoCoin for Newbie Investors

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This will be a very general and basic understanding of CasinoCoin and CSC.



First off I just want to say that CSC is nothing like XRP, apart from the technology that’s it.  


Investment wise it's not the same. Adoption wise it's not the same. 

Every crypto investment will have a different mind set in the way they go about with the adoption of the service they offer.  

So if you're new to CasinoCoin you will need to shift you're mindset to really understand how everything fits together.  


It's called the CasinoCoin Foundation. 

The CasinoCoin Foundation, 100% casino focused and geared towards all of your crypto and blockchain needs.  


CasinoCoin and the Token usecase 


There is many functions that a token can be used for.   (see here https://casinocoin.org/tokens/)

The case with the new cammegh deal the tokens are being used for :  Maintenance, Support tickets, Regulatory compliance and more... 

You can not buy the cammegh token. It's an internal token.


Now in terms of a gambing token, which is different from what cammegh is doing.  


Why would a casino want to use CSC and not just make there own gambling token? 

Simple answer it's easier to just use CSC. 


Some of the bigger Casino players have asked for their own token and hence the CasinoCoin foundation can provide this service. 

Having your own gambling token means getting it on exchanges means creating liquidity, means having to have CSC listed as well as all transactions use CSC as gas.  




You can just use CSC already listed and being traded.  Plug in the BRM and your away KYC/AML done and ready to go.   

It's a lot easier and faster to just use CSC. 


Why not just use a stable coin?

Not all Casinos can do a stable coin. ( but The CasinoCoin foundation does provide this service)

To do a stable coin you will still need to get it listed on an exchange.  Plus you need the 100M, 200M maybe even a 1B in fiat backing up the token, not all casinos can do this.  




Some casinos will want tokens for gambling.  

Some will want tokens for different types of data collection.

Some will want a stable token.

Some will just use CSC for gambling.


( Everything needs CSC as gas. ) If not using CSC directly 




Why do casinos need crypto they make money already.  


It’s what you can do with crypto and blockchain that is a game changer.  


KYC and the CasinoCoin custom made AML visual block explorer which lets regulations look in and see where all funds come from and go to.  

Anyone tries money laundering, they will be stopped dead in there tracks. 


The CasinoCoin Foundation works from 3 areas.  


1, Regulators 

2, Operators.

3, Players. 


It covers all area’s and has a complete system on solving all known challenges withing these 3 groups.                                                                                                                                                                                              

Hope this helps.  


Please also read



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Good points, the casinos themselves will like the BRM services to help facilitate KYC and AML requirements and compliance for the regulatory needs.


Having these services bound and monitored together will streamline one of the things I would imagine that casinos get frustrated working on the most.


It is an obvious friction point for service towards their customers.

Forcing people to have to do KYC and AML for multiple casinos would understandably cause some to not go through with it.

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