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CSC Chat Members on Twitter

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CSC Chat Members on Twitter

Please let us know your Twitter handles and I will add to the top post so that new members can also reach out on Twitter too. 

@NKHund    |  @nickhund
@RegalChicken   |   @RegalChicken
@Chewiecoin   |  @Chewiecoin
@Daniel Keller   |   @daniel_wwf
@CarloRossi   |  @CarloRossi_777
@Deividas   |  @deividas_csc
@Benchmark  |  @GlobalBenchmark
@therippening   |  @rippening
@truthbot1666   |  @truthbot1666
@DividendGamer    |   @_Varkeer
@CSCFTW   |  @DominicRozari15

If anyone wants me to remove their names above please let me know. 
Any additions please reply and we will keep the list above updated.


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