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Why CasinoCoin Is An Amazing Investment

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I believe this was written last year, but still a good read.  Source Discord


Why CasinoCoin Is An Amazing Investment - Written By @honeybyte

CasinoCoin has the potential to become the backbone for the entire online e-gambling industry by offering a compliance and regulation solution that helps all three gambling entities:

players, operators, and governments.


Pros: It helps players by reducing the need to give operators the same proof-of-identity documentation each time they want to start gambling with them.  One KYC/AML check, and then you can play with any operator within the CasinoCoin network. This reduces the likelihood of identity theft, eases transitions between gaming interfaces, and allows the gambler to keep their gambling stake in a single location in a single currency, reducing the need to pull and push money around.

Players will have a choice of any available operator.  With almost no switching costs, players can try out different operators until they find one they like.  It will allow them to adjust their gambling desires to the operators that are most suited to the choice of games, interface, and social network.  Play Pai-Gow with your friends at Operator 1, then join your poker friends over at PokerStars, moving your stash back and forth like chips in your pocket.

Additionally, with Responsible Gaming features built into the wallet, a player will be able to support their own gambling goals.  If you don’t want to wager more than $100 per day, the tools are available to you.

Cons: CasinoCoin will fluctuate in value for the foreseeable future.  Some players will prefer to keep their money stable to account more accurately for profit and losses.  
Their may be additional tax implications with moving money into and out of cryptocurrency.
By removing some of the barriers to playing, it could result in an increase in gambling addiction, if Responsible Gaming features are not utilized.


Pros: CasinoCoin helps operators, by reducing their compliance costs associated with registering new players, removes friction playing, and opens a pool of possible players.  
Each time a new player is added to the system, their information needs to be verified.  When an operator receives CasinoCoin from a registered player, their pre-verified KYL/ AML information is included in the transfer.  Therefore, the need and cost to verify the information has been removed.

Additionally, the friction between players and the operator’s playing interface has been removed.   A new player only need to do a couple things to start playing at a new operator: get an CasinoCoin address for their account, associate the operator with their CasinoCoin wallet, transfer coins, and start playing.  No more verification or moneyloading delays, since CasinoCoin removes both obstacles to play simultaneously. Players can just start playing immediately.

Simultaneously, it opens the operator to an available pool of new players who are prevetted and require zero marketing.  Once a player downloads the BRM wallet and adds some CasinoCoin, they can immediately see the operator in a list of available operators.  This system will reward operators who have a better player experience.

Cons: Because CasinoCoin reduces the switching cost, it will be easy for established players to move to a different operator.   This system penalized players with a poor player experience.In order to interact with the system, a supply of CasinoCoins will need to be maintained.  Due to the fluctuating nature of cryptocurrencies, this could result in a large volatile pool of assets.


Pros: By exposing all transactions through the blockchain, traceability of funds will be simplified.  Additionally, centralizing KYC/AML will allow for reduced cost in and a higher degree of compliance enforcement.  Finally, by integrating Responsible Gaming Features dire toy into the wallet, there is a single chokehold to manage gambling addiction issues.

To a government, visibility into large-scale financial transactions in the gambling industries is a huge win.  Knowing exactly who is sending how much to each establishment allows 
open tracking of any suspicious behavior of a player or operator.  Additionally, it means that tax reporting and compliance becomes simplified.  The reduction in compliance needs results in lower costs in enforcement and prosecution.
Since  KYC/AML is being concentrated, partnerships with CasinoCoin will allow a simplified method to get the information they need, with fewer resources.  Again, further efficiency and reduced cost.

Finally, the Responsible Gaming feautres can be applied in a granular nature. Individual jurisdictions can apply their requirements to any operators within their own  jurisdiction from a single point of control.  No longer is there a need to follow up with compliance on a operator by operator basis.

All three of these factors encourage governments to not only adopt CasinoCoin, but to enforce it as the only online gambling payment system.  If CasinoCoin were the only was money could be transferred into operators, compliance, oversight, and addiction could be treated simultaneously and comprehensively.
Politicians will look good stumping for this restriction since it fulfills all their needs as legislators.  Therefore lobbying efforts would be an easy win, especially in the range of all gambling industry efforts.

Cons: It is gambling and some governments would prefer straight up bans instead.
As an independent entity, governments have to relinquish control.  This would only be a concern if power were concentrated through CasinoCoin by legislation.

Market Analysis:

Currently the markets being addressed by this coin are: cryptocurrency, online gambling, land-based gambling.  

While CasinoCoin does not directly revolve around the cryptocurrency market, it remains a cryptocurrency and will rise and fall on the overall market.  It directly targets online gambling, and will be the main emphasis.  Finally, land-based casinos are quickly becoming integrated to their online counterparts, opening up a funnel of possible growth in the future.

Cryptocurrency Market Near term (2018-2019):


So, there are several predicitions, but all are looking at stable to massive growth by the end of 2019.

Mike Novogratz, hedge fund manager calls for the market to be $2 trillion by end of 2018.  That is a 4x increase from the present.

John McAffe will eat his own d—- if bitcoin doesn’t hit $1mil by 2020.

Virginia Senator Mark Warner said in the SEC hearing on Cryptocurrencies he expects a market cap of $20 trillion by 2020.

While bullish, this is the potential upside these projects are garnering.  This is a market which is currently disrupting the financial space of stocks through ICOs (stock - $30tril), and has the ability to attack insurance and loans in the near future.

What is stopping it right now?  Not enough talent in the field to push through all the ideas.  This is not indicative of a market that will disappear anytime soon.

I expect 2x-40x growth over the next 2 years.

Online gambling This is a market that is  heading to $60bil by 2020.  There is a standard 10% YoY growth curve that has been going on since 2015.  The real question in estimating marketshare is how large are the players collective bankrolls per year compared to their losses?

If the industry makes $50 bil, then how much is on the sidelines?  

Land Based Casinos Once the market starts to pick up then online casinos could be integrated into land based casinos.  The potential would be unreal.  $600bil by 202

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Nice read and very well written. 

I'm looking forward to what the Q2 roadmap says.  👍

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Yeah the attention to detail, and focus on the needs and what is missing in a given market.


Their professionalism, and how they can see the future use case of  their products that can be served.

This is the reason why I invested in xrp and csc.

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