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Digital Isle Of Man Launches Blockchain Office And Sandbox

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Digital Isle of Man has today announced the formation of a Blockchain Office and the launch of an Isle of Man Blockchain Sandbox, established to guide blockchain businesses through current (and future) regulatory landscapes, with expert-led assistance and support.

These initiatives form part of a major new commitment for the Isle of Man to become an international hub for blockchain businesses, providing a fully supportive and collaborative environment. The Island welcomes innovative technology and will not regulate blockchain in isolation, which will give businesses the flexibility to best use this emerging and transformative technology.


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Be interesting to find out what this means...

Will CSC also enter the IOM sandbox? 

Will IOM and Malta be different? 

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19 minutes ago, Jack-of-Spade said:

Interesting! Maybe same sandbox environment, different structure?? I.e Malta-Binance, IOM-Bitstamp???

I never thought of that! Interesting indeed.:scratch_one-s_head:

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