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Community Guidelines

We all want a forum that encourages healthy debate and lively, fun discussion. We need your help to make CSC Chat an entertaining place where everyone feels welcome.

Rules of the Road:
Basically, play nice and get along. If you break any of the following rules, you may find that your access is suspended or removed.

Keep it clean:
We reserve the right to remove any post we consider offensive. This goes for excessive swearing, vile language, pornographic content, inciting violence, promoting illegal activities, and other bad behavior.

Personal attacks:
Don't insult, abuse, bully, threaten, flame, troll or otherwise harass other users or CSC Chat employees. If you're thinking of posting racial, ethnic or religious insults, or any derogatory comments that are likely to offend someone, don't do it.

Don’t annoy everyone by posting low-value, nonsensical, or boring posts/threads, links to low-quality “news sites,” or needlessly bumping topics.

Don't make duplicate posts across different forums. It clogs things up and breaks up good conversation. Don’t repost complete articles; quote only the relevant excerpts and link to the original article. Also, help protect fellow users from malware and phishing by posting full and transparent links instead of shortened links.

Don’t publicly “dox” another user or post any form of real life information about yourself in the forums. This includes name, phone number, address, email address, IP address, and anything else that may identify you or a user to the community in some way.

Referral/affiliate links (including in signatures), advertisements, clickbait, and multi-level marketing schemes are not allowed.

The forums may not be used to solicit donations, beg for cash or bitcoin, or to attempt to get other users to reveal their secret key.

There are plenty of places on the Internet to fight, scratch and snarl.

At CSC Chat, we prefer to keep calm and sing Kumbaya! Let's all be WONDERFUL to each other!!



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