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How everything fits together (A clear understanding)

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The community has been very shaky lately due to the fact a lot of things have not played out the way people thought in their minds. 

Here is my understanding of how it works. 

There is no one more connected to get a tier 1 casino than this team. That's a fact! John Caldwell has been talking and engaging with Tier 1 casinos for months. 


They may have not jumped on board yet.  But they will all know The CasinoCoin Foundation and what they have to offer. 

It should be obvious to anyone in invested in csc that the team is highly focused on the end user and not the trader. This is one of the reasons the team has not put much time in to exchanges.

Adoption=utility=price appreciation.

Adoptions is not being on 100 exchanges with millions of dollars in volume. (Yes that is nice) But it's not adoption. 


One of the CasinoCoin token partners http://Crazy8Token.com has released the app for the community to test and give feed back on what they like and want they want to see. 

Join their discord here: https://crazy8token.com/discord

This product the Crazy8 app will be used in the unregulated markets of gambling both crypto and non crypto.  It's the BRM for the unregulated. Right now everything is going in to this product.  It needs to be as smooth and as easy for the end user (gambler) as possible.  The Crazy8 App will become the base for the CasinoCoin BRM so it's important testing and user feed back from the community is given.


With regards to liquidity this issue is already being worked on and can be found here :https://allthingsour.life/csc-liquidity-pool-proposal-unofficial-draft/


The team have their own method and plan and they are sticking to it. 


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