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Daniel Keller

Send coins between account a and b (snippet)

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This was requested on discord, I will put it here so people can easily find it:

This snippet sends coins between account 1 and 2 and back every 5 seconds:


while [ : ]
  casinocoind --conf=/etc/casinocoind/casinocoind.cfg submit sACCOUNT1XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX '{"TransactionType":"Payment","Account":"cACOUNT1XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX","Amount":"20000000000","Destination":"cACOUNT2XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX"}'
  sleep 5
  casinocoind --conf=/etc/casinocoind/casinocoind.cfg submit sACCOUNT2XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX '{"TransactionType":"Payment","Account":"cACOUNT2XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX","Amount":"20000000000","Destination":"cACOUNT1XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX"}'
  sleep 5


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