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Recovery using old (2018) /.casinocoin/backup/xxxx.backup

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Hi all, I've recently had to restore my computer and completely forgot to back up my CSC wallet beforehand (I know, genius). Luckily I have managed to get hold of the windows.old version of my Wallet prior to the wipe. This directory contains a folder called backup with a xxxxxx.backup file in it. When trying to "recover from backup", in the desktop client, nothing happens when the file is chosen from the browser. No error message or anything, just sits there indefinitely.

I am hoping that I have all the information required to recover this wallet and am just lacking the technical know-how. Please get in contact if you have any suggestions or solutions. Thanks.

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@LewisT75  Don't know if this will help, this is how I finally recovered mine.  I two had all the backup files but could not find a way to either edit them or get into them to use the files.  All of my files were not corrupted so they were good to use under the   .casinocoin file.

You can find that file under Users on your hard drive.  I had to go to a second computer, used my laptop because the casino coin file wants to use that one live file.  I too had not exported my .keys file but was lucky to recover mine.  In my case the icon just kept spinning and could not find the openning live file after I pulled and replaced my hard drive.  So one day with that icon spinning, I just hammered the key board with the esc key and other keys and it somehow gave opened the wallet in virtual mode.  It allowed me to see my csc but I could not do anything with them.  No actual access since in virtual mode.  Later I downloaded another wallet on laptop, exported that .key file, moved it to the original .casinocoin file on my hard drive under users.  Then imported that .keys file with the original backups and it worked somehow.   Moved all my csc to bitrue and deleted all old wallets.  Kept my csc there for a few months while I calmed down.  I now have 2 of the latest version wallets, a desktop and mobile with appropriate backups.  So now I can move from one to the other if need be and csc is not all confined in one wallet.  


I don't know how to show the link - but here is the thread.  Also I have pasted my post from that thread.  Good luck to ya.  

CasinoCoin Wallet Won't Open

By CryptoPennyCO, September 30, 2018 in Technical Discussion


My copy and paste below.

"Just to update, I have been able to finally recover my 2.7 mil csc.  I have not spent a lot of time on it but over the past few days I have been slowly working on it, not giving up.  I am posting what finally worked for me in hopes that it may help one or two others.  

As stated above, my original wallet dated 10/15/18, I did not have the keys file exported when my I took out my hard drive in Jan 2019.  When I reincerted the hard drive several months later,  the wallet would not connect back to the live network, the icon just kept spinning.  I still had all the original .casinocoin files under c:/users with the exception of the keys file.

So I created a second desktop wallet, showing 0 csc and exported the key from that wallet, now this was 5 months later.  I took that keys file and moved it to the original .casinocoin file.  Then had to move that file to my laptop because I needed to use another computer and another wallet to import the keys too.   So I moved the .casinocoin file to a thumb drive with the new keys file and moved to the laptop. 

Next I created another wallet on my laptop this time importing the keys file in the .casinocoin file I had just put on my thumb drive.  Now even tho this was not the original keys file, somehow it was live and connected to the network and recognized my csc address.  It imported my csc coins.  I could not copy any addresses to send the coins, it allowed me to individually type the exchange address and tag id to send the coins, which I did.  I got the csc coins to my account at bitrue.

So the keys file I was able to use was created 5 months after the original wallet was corrupted and I had to create one new desktop wallet export that keys file then import that keys file to create a third wallet on my laptop. Doing this on the same computer was not working thats why it took 2 separate ones.  

This seems so easy now when I type it out, but not knowing what to do during the process was very complicated and there were no directions.  Everyone was helpful but as we all know, these things can take time.  I am just very thankful and lucky to be able to retrieve these coins.  Just be mindful when dealing with our hard drives that our wallets may be on the desktop.  

Who knew that a keys file from a later wallet of the same version would allow the necessary connection.

Anyway, don't know if this will work for others but just wanted to post the procedures I used.  


Forgot to mention, I now have my csc in a new version 5 wallet and it seems to be doing fine.  "

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@LewisT75   One other thing, be very careful with the    .casinocoin file.  That has all the files needed and you have to be careful not to corrupt those files.  No corrupt but I guess the word would be keep them together.  All I did was add the new .keys file that I was able to export from a later wallet on my laptop.  

The sad thing is your csc address is on the ledger with your csc but you just can't get it.  That's what hurt me the most.  Knowing it is there and not being able to get at it.  Again good luck.  I know the technical people at csc should be able to deconstruct the backups someway, but they hold us accountable.  I understand and Daniel tried to help but they say without that .keys file they can't do much.   Again Good luck.  

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