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  1. https://coingeek.com/silvio-schembri-malta-provides-holistic-environment-for-all-blockchain-operators-video/
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  8. http://www.mondaq.com/x/763880/Gaming/The+Technicalities+Of+The+Malta+Gaming+Authoritys+DLT+Sandbox+Framework
  9. This is John Caldwell speaking on a ICOS and AML Regulations panel. John did not really get a chance to speak about CasinoCoin as time ran out. Youtube will not allow the video to be embedded. Click the link to watch. https://youtu.be/8p4R9zDuirk?t=12887
  10. https://futuretimes.io/articles/malta-the-blockchain-island-rush/
  11. As everyone knows we didn't release the video of the FSC from Malta and John made a good statement about why: As we do n ot want that information to be lost, here is a transcript of what had been asked and replied. I did cut out "jeah"'s and "yes"'s so its easier to read. Also the introduction and waving hands is left out 🙂 Donna: "When can we expect to see an updated roadmap? I understand things are happening behind the scenes, but from outside or to someone knew who isn't going to join discord or cscchat it seems like nothing is going on?" Ash: That’s a good question and it’s why all of our team are here. Over the last few days we’ve had some really good discussion over it. Some heated, some fun. But hopefully, you’ll see an updated roadmap in the coming weeks. As with any small team, we can’t do everything at once, so we’ve been figuring that out. Now, I think, as a team, we have a clearer idea of the focus over the next three to six months (at least) and that will be shared with the wider community in time. Is that fair? John: That’s fair. The most heated discussions we’ve had over the last few days are roadmap discussions and talking about the future, so I guess in some ways that’s what you want. Donna: So, next question. “Will the foundation help operators fund their initial bankroll to begin? If yes, how? If no, then how do they expect them to do so?” John: The operators, like any other vendor, would have to have a stock and supply, and there are many ways to handle that. It is possible that we may provide some type of private insurance, almost against some sort of crazy volatility, but the operators have to fund their own accounts. I think at the start, everybody’s pretty comfortable with where everything’s at. Donna: Next one is for the tech team. “Will CSC coins also burn every month like XRP?” Andre: Until now they have been burned but we will bring them back to life. So, in the end, when our CRNs go live, all coins burned up to that date will be reimbursed to the network - everyone running a CRN will get a share. So the first CRN round might be pretty interesting because it will take all past burned fees and pay out as a one-off. John: CRN stands for Community Relay Node which we encourage you to read up and investigate about. But the short answer is we’re redistributing them back to the community. Donna: Next question to John, Duncan, and Andre. “To John, Duncan and Andre - Where do you see CasinoCoin in 6 months from now? (In terms of operators using it, ease of buying and selling, regulatory bodies that have accepted CSC etc)?” John: So, I suggest we start with Duncan, you start with a beautiful sunny picture, and then I’ll rain on that! Duncan: Where do I see it in six months? Ultimately, CSC being used. I envisage seeing the coin, first of all, used in a crypto play basis, for example, playing in CasinoCoin. Secondly from a fiat basis whereby players will use CasinoCoin as a vehicle in order to be exchanged into fiat, played on fiat casinos and exchanged back again. If you look at the majority of other cryptocurrencies today, you have long confirmation times and high fees. CasinoCoin fixes those issues. So, we’ll be working with partners that address both these use case examples. John: Yeah, I think I see two to four operators in several jurisdictions using the coin and CSC growing larger. Donna: Now to this one. “I like that you guys are doing the community spotlight, but instead of those how about create some tutorials, videos, and topics around CSC tech.” Mo: So, I know many people have been waiting for that for some time now and we have some tutorial videos, they are fully completed and we have more videos currently in the works. So, pretty soon we’ll have a lot of videos for everyone whether they are new to CasinoCoin or not, they should be very helpful. Luke: We’re working out an important plan re: "educating the community", it’s something we’ve discussed at length today in the meeting. Not just crypto education for online games but also casino education for crypto people. John: Mo is the kind of guy in our team that, I’ll use a baseball reference, which of course no one knows anything about baseball here on our team... Mo can play shortstop, second base, catch, pitcher, little relief, whatever, so everyone winds up throwing up everything on him and so the videos have ended up being pushed back. Donna: Okay. “Assuming online integration, how difficult will it be to parlay that into land-based adoption?” Duncan: We have a plan, and that was discussed today as well. So, you’ll start to see information about that being released shortly. But right now, let’s focus on CasinoCoin online and its interaction with regular casinos / payment processors etc, and also utilising BRM. John: I must say, though, that the two aren’t necessarily related in a sense that our land-based plan has very little to do with online. They’re two separate systems architected as such, and so I think the land-based thing is actually a bigger opportunity but I also think it’s going to be a longer road. Luke: And we just really want to get the online product released to the world. Donna: “Once testing in the sandbox starts, how long will it be before we know if there is positive or negative feedback?” John: Five minutes. No. But pretty quickly actually. I think it will be an evolving thing, right, but it will start slow, there’s no question about it. The sandbox by definition is confining, you can only play in a certain area, and so I think it’s going to take some time but I think the feedback as we release the product, will probably start coming in pretty quick from early adopters. Donna: And the idea is that the MGA / Malta will adapt as they go along as the sandbox rolls out… John: Yeah, exactly. So, one of the things that we talk about with our operator partner is that we’re sort of getting in there and working it all out, together, right? So we’ll get in there (the sandbox) and we will take it and adapt it as we go. But, we’re ready. Luke: And it’s the first jurisdiction that’s ever held any type of crypto gaming regulatory tests, right? So what we’re doing is completely new to us and our partner, and anyone else who’s attempting it. So there’ll be a lot of, maybe not a lot of chopping and changing, but we’ll be learning a lot right throughout the whole process. John: Absolutely. It’s a brand new thing, guys. Anytime you’re doing anything new and kind of, sort of pioneering, it’s going to be a learning process for sure. Donna: “Will MGA approval apply to operators in MALTA only? If yes, what about Australia, Europe, USA, Canada etc? Can operators outside of Malta legally use CSC?” John: There are specific jurisdictions that the MGA operates in and that’s where this test will start, and so, we’re going to work in specific jurisdictions that are ready and start there, and work outward from there, and that’s just the way it’s going to start. One disadvantage is that we simply can’t service everywhere right, so it’s got to start in a focused way. Donna: “Does casinocoin comply with the jurisdictions of the operator's country or end user country. For example, I live in lebanon and I want to use operator x (registered in Malta) who uses casinocoin as a payment method. Is that possible?” John: Well, yes. It’s the territories Malta works under so this particular person that wrote this question is from Lebanon which is not a regulated place, so I don’t believe that Lebanon would be under MGA auspices. Donna: “To John - You mentioned in the last fireside chat about the possibility of a second initial operator. Is there any update that you can share on that?” John: At this time, no. Donna: Just on this conversation, this question is relative "Do you expect other jurisdictions to garner regulatory approvals easier, after Malta gives CasinoCoin a thumbs up? Or same process all over again each time?" John: Short-term, no. This might be medium-term, for sure. John: The processes will become more defined. Other jurisdictions are having a look and they’re going to see what really works well, adapt it, and going to see what didn’t work so well and point fingers and go ‘that was them’ Andre: So, you think the same is true for technical parts? It’s like lessons learned and… John: Yeah. Well, I consider project-wise, technical, commercial, it doesn’t matter. The same sort of issues apply, right? Luke: And you’re going to see the same also for operators; there’s some interest but no one really wants to be first. John: That’s right. Luke: They want to see that it works rather than being the guinea pig... but we’re grateful that we’ve found someone who’s willing to be the guinea pig. John: No, no, no. We found someone who’s awesome and willing to take a calculated risk, and we really appreciate that. Donna: “So, can we tell, can we say anything about any other parties, companies involved in the sandbox testing environment?” John: We can’t. First of all, we don’t know, right? Because they have their discussions with the regulators, other partners. We’re privy to a couple of the larger other cryptos. We don’t necessarily consider them competition because no one’s doing what we’re doing, and we know that at the moment, they don’t have large operators on board and so we we’re assuming at least initially, for better or for worse, and until we hear differently….we’re it. I want to be proven wrong there because I actually think more people working in it will lead to progress and quicker expansion. Andre: Competition breeds innovation. John: That’s right. and competition also leads to progress, right? We believe what we’re doing is the right path. Donna: One for Daniel. “How will the handling of applications for the CRN be handled?” Daniel: Will be the same way as we did it for test applications, so you have to fill out an application. Just fill out the form, go through KYC, and we will review the application, and then you will get a message. Donna: And on that, Daniel, “how will we handle people who want to stop running a CRN?” Daniel: You mean if someone wants to exit? Donna: Yeah. Daniel: If a node is not active for 7 days it will be automatically kicked out. If you don't want to run your node any longer, you can also send us a message so we can free up your slot. Andre: So, to clarify from a technical point of view, we will do some regulatory checks on CRNs. Things like - if WebSockets are open / if they are secure, and all kinds of basic checks and if you no longer comply, we’ll simply deactivate your node. You can also just remove the coins from your linked account and your CRN will be deactivated anyway. Donna: Also, just to clarify. All CRNs will need to be approved by the foundation initially. Donna: And final question “Can anyone confirm if the Maltese government has maybe in some ways introduced us to other parties to work together?” John: Yeah, I wish. No, that’s not appropriate. The government doesn’t do that. It doesn’t work that way. They don’t, they’re not in the business of playing favorites, which is what an introduction would be. It’s up to us to present that. In fact, we’re presenting them with our operator partner this week, and so it’s up to us to make an appointment with them, knock on the door, shake their hand, tell them what we want to do, work with them, get their feedback, iterate, and so on, and so on. Daniel: Can we tell the community when they can expect any sort of announcement? John: We don’t know. I think I was hopeful - just to be very open. We were very hopeful that we’d have an announcement on this fireside. But, it’s not done. Once we sign the contract, the PR’s ready, both parties are ready, we’ll have one announcement. The initial operator will follow in short order, that's what we hope anyway and we just have to see how it goes. Donna: Also, just to say with the announcements, it’s such a long process in terms of releasing the PR and getting sign off from the many different people involved John: These are big corporations that are taking what they perceive to be a risk and so that makes it complicated Duncan: But at the end of the day, at least you know us. We are not going to release anything until it is a fact.
  12. https://www.ccmalta.com/news/malta-and-cryptocurrency?feed=e933e1af-41f6-426c-8d3e-a8b1eff439c8&lang=it-CH
  13. https://www.newsbook.com.mt/artikli/2018/09/27/malta-gaming-authority-to-launch-dlt-sandbox/?lang=en
  14. https://www.tightpoker.com/news/malta-pushes-for-blockchain-based-online-gaming-industry-12897/
  15. The next CSC fireside chat will take place on Tuesday, September 18 @ 18:00 BST / 19:00 CEST / 13:00 ET. Most of the commercial team will be in Malta, so if you have questions for... John Duncan Ash Andre Daniel Donna Mo Luke ...fill out the Google form at: https://goo.gl/forms/P2sDmdXShuIhUsTC2 CasinoCoin Foundation Fireside Q&A Submit your question(s) here: https://goo.gl/forms/P2sDmdXShuIhUsTC2 and it may be answered on our next CasinoCoin Community Fireside Chat. This time round the whole CSC commercial team will be on camera to answer your questions! When: Tuesday, September 18 @ 18:00 BST / 19:00 CEST / 13:00 ET Where: Zoom!
  16. https://www.smh.com.au/world/europe/malta-as-blockchain-island-is-calculated-risk-says-leader-20180911-p502yg.html
  17. https://cointelegraph.com/news/malta-passes-blockchain-bills-into-law-confirming-malta-as-the-blockchain-island
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