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Found 4 results

  1. All New Information and Announcements Will Be Published at: http://CasinoCoin.chat
  2. All the action is on discord. This is my announcment of leaving CSCChat. I still HODL and believe in the project. But this chat is more or less in LIMBO. I will move my 4k CSC promised to member 400, into the CSCTipBot and tip posters at Discord instead. It was fun to be here. You who know me from XRPChat, know that I left the Zerpening there. So welcome to the CSC server at Discord. Register and have fun. https://discord.gg/SfCApX Take Care in DA Land. Zen.
  3. Announcement: @Everyone As I always try to do, I wanted to warn you when we make sizable payments out of the Foundation wallet. As many of you know, we took a loan from an angel investor to start the Foundation and fund initial development. That loan is now due, and we will send a single whopper of a payment out of the Foundation in the next 24 hours to satisfy that debt. The good news is that once that payment is sent, The Foundation will not have any external debt. It's notable to mention that we know the investor, and he is not intending to sell for a long time and has full faith in CasinoCoin's potential and in the team's ability to execute. We continue to be excited at what the next few months hold. Thanks as always for your patience with the project. We'll do a general project update next week and talk about everything we can. ----- A few more things JC said on Discord : HI, We will be registering under the new DLT framework in Malta, but what we need (nongaming) is not nearly as ponderous as the gaming one. We just got told this week by cough another big gaming jurisdiction that they don't think we need any licenses. Just have to be represented in the jurisdiction (ie: have a local rep who can be sought out should something problematic occur). In Malta, for example the casino will be run under our partners existing license. We're just another way to fund. IOM is trying to be more aggressive and we are still super connected there. Not a 10 day period of time passes where Duncan or I don't speak to someone in the IOM Gov't. We have pursued licensees there for well over a year and nothing has popped up yet as workable (either the vendor wasn't keen or the Gov't wasnt). I can say that is starting to change...as are all of our discussions. They are in a tough spot, cause they still have to consider the FCA and what their view is before making any moves. So, it's not completely in their control. -
  4. Even if you don't like discord its a good idea to join on your mobile phone even if you don't talk, As a lot of announcements and News about CasinoCoin first appear on there before anywhere else. We may not have much news over the next few weeks or months. http://casinocoin.chat/ < Discord What we know so far is 1st of Nov is when applications start, and Jan 1st is when Sandbox starts.
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