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Found 17 results

  1. Zenkert

    What other coins do you have?

    I am a little curious about what other Coins Chatmembers have, more than CSC ? I have XRP and Moeda [MDA]. And some Fiats waiting at my exchange if the market drops further.
  2. Zenkert

    Who is Selling?

    I do not get it. I buy, buy and buy. But who is selling this great DA ? ? ? ? ?
  3. BlackJack

    CasinoCoin Explorer

    The CasinoCoin Explorer : https://explorer.casinocoin.org/ Find everything. 😉
  4. Any kind of Porridge, is good and very Healthy.
  5. Just shouting out here. We really need a trusted exchange for CSC. This Bitflip Crash does not do us any good. A lot of things are important to get all the pieces in the Puzzle together. But a trusted exchange is IMHO very important. Early investors getting burned does not do us any good. (Even if they burned themselves, the reputation of CSC will be hurt) BRM is great when it comes. But investors will want to buy CSC on a exchange, like they normally do. So when BINANCE???
  6. BlackJack

    DYOR - By Jasperlite

    Source : https://www.xrpchat.com/topic/25555-dyor/?page=2 Hello I am Jasperlite from the CasinoCoin Discord Page (aka bitcoincowboy - twitter. jasperlite on reddit, imgur, discord and others). Thought I would drop by and provide some quick links to assist with your DYOR. I am not a member of or work for the CSC foundation. I'm just along time bag holder and community member. Website http://casinocoin.org Concise article describing CSC. https://steemit.com/casinocoin/@cryptospective/casinocoin-a-cryptospective-review?sort=author_reputation Discord page casinocoin.chat Short video about CSC https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_NGiwEKs5VYFireside chat video with Andre the Lead Developer https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1rk42b0S8aw as always don't take my word for it and DYOR. CSC primary purpose will be to facilitate transfer funds between Gamblers, Operator (casino) and Processor(money changers). This will be facilitated via the Bank Roll Manager which is a mobile csc wallet with built in KYC (provided by Jumio), AML and ability to purchase csc with fiat through the BRM. With additional features coming later. The BRM provides a seamless integration between all entiies to ensure proper sharing or KYC and AML info. This will make the experience for the Gambler seamless and easy in addition to saving operators/processors money on their cost of operations as well reducing eliminating fines due to AML and KYC. So it is a win - win for everyone. CSC has already approved as a currency by the Govt of Malta and has offices in Malta and Isle of Man. --------------------------- One of the things that I really like about the Foundation is that they are intentionally working under the radar. They did not want to hype this until it is fully tested and live. Every step of the way their decisions and actions have been consistent with prioritizing the product and the service they will be offering. I.E no ICO, or selling coins direct to operators/processors from foundation, they have to buy their coins on exchanges like everyone else. Choosing to use the XRP code was a brilliant move, as they can do the things that want to do on their blockchain but still have the advanced features of XRP as well. Highly recommend you watch the video with Andre. Foundation has made it policy that they will only do business only with white hat operators and processors. So no unlicensed casino's, or illegal gambling. Foundation has also said that they will eventually be offering other services that do not use CSC or crypto to the gambling industry so they are fully committed for the long term to benefit the Gambling industry. -------------------- Always DYOR. 😉 the deeper you dig on the foundation the more you will like it and more "potential" you will see. Traditional crypto volume is usually predicated (with some exceptions like XRP) on crypto investors trading back and forth. With the Bank Roll Manager the primary driver of transactions will be Gamblers/Operators/Processor. So the volume potential is massive...add to that the traditional crypto investors and the potential new Non crypto investors (i.e. goldman and others) jumping in the volume potential is astronomical. Best part about the Non Crypto Investors is that the BRM works in a manner that they can wrap their brains around it has a sound business model that they can understand. BRM provides an actual service that is sorely needed in todays Gambling community. Written by @jasperlite
  7. Hey people, Just wanna say this site is Awesome! 😎 The community is growing daily over 250 members now. Lots of Good News and Progress from the CSC team. Also got 2 new Exchanges after Cfinex shut down. NU·EX and STEX Thanks Again to @CarloRossi & @honeybyte For making this sh!t happen! and to the Mods @Wenusch @Toastedcoins @Chewiecoin @Back2TF @Nate Twitter: #CasinoCoin #BRM #CSCcommunity The Ball is rolling :
  8. CSC/XRP Pair now trading on NUEX.com https://www.nuex.com/exchange/market/CSC_XRP
  9. CasinoCoin are doing it the right way. I mean the really right way. Yes everyone wants the price to increase now with loads of hype. Hype is not sustainable. It’s short lived. Remember when Verge Partner with P04nHub.......... Yea, no one does. John Caldwell. If you watch every video he has talked in, he has broken down why they are doing it in this way. He has also spoken about how the price will increase. If you are invested in CasinoCoin and have not watched ever second of all videos. Your not a real investor. Completely and totally understanding what and where CSC is going is important. If you have any sense of fear when the price goes down or people rock your confidence in the CSC project it means you have not done enough research to KNOW the direction they are moving in. Out of everything, I'm an investor in the TEAM. Read their profiles. READ THEMMMMM. These are not newbies, the gambling world is there business it’s what they do. Again read everything, watch every video. This is a small community right now. Most people jump on whatever is in the top 10. Looking for a quick pump. This coin is really quite right now. John Caldwell don’t do hype. None of the team do. He has said in a fireside chat the crypto market is 90% BS. And it is. No products out there apart from a few. DYOR. Stack your chips. Do more research. Be confident in your Invesment. Don’t rely on another's, it’s your investment. As of the big sell walls right now on the exchange. 90% of these trades are people from the pre-swap of dec 2017, many of them are cashing out now. Which is fair, if that’s what they want to do. Looking at the big picture. Right now its 87 BTC to 900sats on Cfinex. That’s a lot right? XRP right now is trading 32,925 BTC volume in one day. 24/hours. It’s the users of the BRM that will drive the price, it’s the casinos. The trading will be second. Just like speculation does not just drive the USD. It’s used around the world. It can’t just be traded, it has to have a reason for being. Lots and lots of crypto will die if they don’t have a clear use case. Again CasinoCoin is very different from what your seeing In the market to other Gambling coins. It’s a payment solution. It works with online casinos. Its saves them money, and makes them more money faster!! It gives the user the ability to cash out faster and enter faster. To gamble when they want fast and with many different operators. It’s a win-win. Crypto is not going away. Blockchain is not going away. Every company out there right now is looking at how blockchain can improve their business. The most important thing in any crypto investment is the team. Who’s driving it? The CasinoCoin team are higher experienced. Just the switch from LTC to XRP tells you something. They are thinking big! The lead Developer Andre Jochems, has over 25 years' experience in C++ coding. Ok, that’s my little talk for today. Peace 🙂
  10. BlackJack

    CSC Twitter Army!

    Ok this is what it is. https://twitter.com/CasinoCoinCSC <<Add me I will add you back. If your invested in CSC, add you twitter account below so everyone of the CSC community can add each other and we can take CasinoCoin to the street! A Massive way investors find new coins is twitter. Lets Go!
  11. Zenkert

    Wallet updates

    @Daniel Keller et. al. I have a Windows Desktop Wallet. Since I have read in this chat, that there is an update coming. How do I update my Wallet?
  12. There is no comparison really. They are complete different and going after different markets. The only thing similar between them, is the word gambling. There is a lot of difference between the other gaming coin/tokens and CasinoCoin. CasinoCoin is not creating games or creating a platform. They are a payment solution for gaming operators. Funfair wants you to build a separate casino altogether on their blockchain...CSC just says "here's the coin...use it on what you've already built." More answers as to why it's better:
  13. In my View: CasinoCoin is the best coin right now to be in. If the team get the fiat pair going with the exchange that's going to be used on the BRM, before getting listed on big exchanges. That's really going to be different. Maybe the teams plan is to move away from BTC ASAP. Not sure. The only issue I see right now is liquidity .
  14. BlackJack

    Why the Ripple Blockchain?

    Why we chose Ripple : https://medium.com/@CSCFoundation/https-medium-com-cscfoundation-why-we-chose-ripple-b72760c69270
  15. https://medium.com/@cryptospective.ta/microgamings-head-of-innovation-strategy-lydia-barbara-joins-casinocoin-s-advisory-board-aa7c59d4bea9