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  1. by now... seems 1 sat till eoy.. so price depends on bitcoin for the next moths .. years(?).
  2. Doen't look good... looks like cashing in?
  3. As a casino user, I am not at all interested in the technology behind my bank account. I have deposited dollars or euros, I play with dollars or euros and I withdraw dollars or euros. I don't really care whether the account behind it is technically operated with CSC, XRP, BTC or whatever. And this is exactly where the technical supplier's mistake lies ...
  4. damned... just stumbled across that message.. you were faster ^^
  5. Months agon I opened a buy order at 0.00000003 -- it is still existing. maybe it will be executed soon.. but if we dip to 3 sat again I will buy a lot more... becoming a baby whale
  6. seems it will take a bit longer for a little cashout... more time to play with excel and dreaming of being rich(er)....
  7. I play around with Excel lists. My idea: In order not to have to wait forever for a certain price, I will "reward" myself with small monthly amounts: From a certain price I will sell a specific amunt every month so that I make always 500 EUR extra in the next 60 months . If the price does not make "moon" jumps, my balance in the 60th month would be $ 0.00. But: If the price rises to 0.5, 0.8 or even 1.00 USD, then I will realize bigger sums of money. Just playing around with differnent prices and monthly rewards for all of my coins (not only CSC). I think it's important to reward yourself for HODLing at some point. Maybe you'll wait forever for a certain price ...
  8. @Daniel Keller Is that CSC token only used in the backend or even in the frontend? as user/player/gambler I am used to play with EUR or USD. Wouldn‘t it smart that if I sign/registrate with my personal data, upload my 100 USD and playing with these 100 USD and only in the backend CSC is doing its work? hard to explain what I mean - damned language barrier. I mean: as a player I cannot understand why I should buy CSC token when I am used to use fiat money. So I think the best way would be that - in a frontend - I am still seeing my „fiat money ehile in the bsckend CSC is foibg its job for the casino (kyc, aml infos,...).
  9. Yeah... gurss that would attract more attention to CSC...
  10. As far as I remember: getting listed on an exchange will cost min. 1.000.000 USD. Getting listed at Nano Ledger something at 40k. why not paying for that Nano Ledger thing to get attention?
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