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  1. Hey all, as you might know, we are currently running a closed beta test with a small group of people for the Bankroll Manager. I am looking to increase that group and get a few more people in. If you want to help us out testing the product and killing some bugs, this is your chance! There are a few rules that will apply to the test: 1) Only sign up for it if you really have some time to do it. It is most likely an hour or two with every release. 2) You will have to sign an NDA and you won't be allowed to speak to anyone outside the test group about it. 3) During testing, you will have to use your real Data (Passport, ID etc.) for KYC. 4) You will need a Discord account. In order to show your interest send an email to: daniel(at)casinocoin(dot)org Subject: BRM Beta Test Message: Your Full Name, your Discord nick (Example: @daniel(wwf)#1337), your cscchat name (if you have one), your telegram name (if you have one), your device including Android or iOS, AppleID (if you are on iOS). The following sentence: Notes: - If you have no Discord Account, get one first. Discord is mandatory for the test! - Please NO additional text in that email - if you are barely able to operate your device, we want you! - the less technical you are, the better! Of course, skilled people are welcomed as well 😉 Message body example: Spots are limited so not everyone will get a spot. If you have any additional questions, do not hesitate to contact me here or on Discord.
  2. Daniel Keller

    Bankroll Manager Beta Test, looking for you!

    exactly @Zenkert . So far none have been sent 😉 @NKHund
  3. Daniel Keller

    Bankroll Manager Beta Test, looking for you!

    There will be an email
  4. Daniel Keller

    Bankroll Manager Beta Test, looking for you!

    Last 72h running to drop your name into the bucket!
  5. Daniel Keller

    Bankroll Manager Beta Test, looking for you!

    did not send an end date, to be honest. When I am feeling good about it and no additional reports come in, i think.
  6. Daniel Keller

    Bankroll Manager Beta Test, looking for you!

    The test focuses more on how to use the BRM, onboarding and all that sort of things. However, there is a dummy site connected to it which allows some games to play.
  7. Daniel Keller

    Bankroll Manager Beta Test, looking for you!

    For the test, no real money gambling is taking place 😉
  8. Daniel Keller

    Bankroll Manager Beta Test, looking for you!

    @LeGonze for the test, yes!
  9. Daniel Keller

    Bankroll Manager Beta Test, looking for you!

    This test is for mobile devices, yes @Zenkert
  10. Daniel Keller

    6 Months Wait

    Problem with FSC's is: Almost always the same questions. If you got 10 to 15 good unique ones, ill get one set up.
  11. Daniel Keller

    Bankroll Manager Beta Test, looking for you!

    Forgot to mention, i will collect people for about a week 😉
  12. the only options to get your coins back would be: - find the .keys file if you exported it manually or since 4.1.2 the wallet does it automatically to C:\Users\YOURUSERNAME\Documents (don't have unix/mac path in mind) - have a backup of the .casinocoin folder - Use something like Kali Linux to clone the disk and run some recovery OR go to some professional to do it
  13. Project: Convert casinocoin-libjs from Flow to TypeScript Max Duration: 1 month (due 15-02-2019) Bounty: 7,500,000 CSC To deliver: A new TypeScript branch that can be merged and is fully functional Application needed: No Additional Info: Can be done by a group of people or just one person. Payout Terms: Has to be signed off by Andre Jochems. First come, first serve! Main source for communication: CasinoCoin Discord, channel #bounties Description: The casinocoin-libjs library and its dependencies were written in Flow JavaScript. In December 2017 Ripple already converted the codebase to TypeScript, this was after we forked the CasinoCoin library of their codebase. As most projects that make use of these libraries are already using TypeScript we need our casinocoin-libjs library converted to TypeScript as well. Ripple Pull Request 816 and its commits can be used as a guideline to execute this task however, changes were made to the Ripple code that can not be ignored. The PR can be found here https://github.com/ripple/ripple-lib/pull/816. The final product needs to compile without error, being able to be packaged with Webpack and work exactly the same as the current version. Once the new version is judged complete and correct by the CasinoCoin development team and merged into the main branch the bounty will be paid. The first person or team to realize the required result will win the bounty. The bounty will be paid only to the winner(s). If the project cannot be finished before the due date the developers can decide if part of the bounty is awarded for the work done until that moment or if an extension is permitted.
  14. Daniel Keller

    Casino coin Secret key????

    You either have an export of your account OR if you have your .casinocoin folder, which allows you to recover accounts and get the secrets. @Tonnie what exactly is happening and what exactly is different
  15. Daniel Keller

    Can this be competition to CSC?

    If Lightning, which i am a big fan of, comes into play it might work. Till then BTC is too slow, imho.
  16. Daniel Keller

    The BRM is Cool!

    There are a few people that bite their tongue right now, cause they are under NDA and currently testing it... Whoops.... I never said that...
  17. Daniel Keller

    Tier 1 Casino Operator

    So far we have done a pretty good job on not leaking who we will work with. I assume it will be out in the next weeks, latest when the applications are public.
  18. Daniel Keller


    Tweeted at them, would have to look into the listing process. Do they charge a fee?
  19. Daniel Keller

    Is it possible - The Creator of CasinoCoin

    The person who did the LTC fork back in the days was a guy going by the name "Transcoder". He went mia, to my knowledge none of his known wallets swapped any coins.
  20. Wasn't aware of that talk! Very good one!
  21. I hate digital tables tbh. Like automatic roulette on a machine, that ain't fun to me.
  22. Daniel Keller

    Name the smallest part of CSC

    lol, watching this to see where it goes 😄
  23. Hear me, hear me! It has been a long journey with a lot of pain, but finally, the CasinoCoin Mobile Wallet is available on the Apple App Store! We have released the app a couple of hours ago, it might take some time till its available around the globe (USA & Europe confirmed as by the time writing this). The app won't be available in China. This might seem like a small step but you might remember it has been a struggle for us to get the App in. We are happy it finally worked! Now that we have the wallet available on all Platforms development for it will get a higher priority again. I assume some small fixes and updates coming during the next weeks. Does this affect the BRM being released on the App Store? From my current feelings: yes! The BRM is some sort of advanced wallet. I never felt better about it before! Is there a release date it: not by now. A big shout out and thank you to the developer of ToastWallet! Happy first advent, in case that's a thing for you 🙂
  24. Daniel Keller

    Roadmap Video Q1 2019

    The video reveals for the Q1 2019 roadmap has been uploaded. You can find it here: The roadmap on the website will be updated in the next hours. Because of some technical issues, while recording the Video, we had to apply some hard cuts. We apologize if this may feel strange at some points.
  25. If you want to play around or if you are developing something you can now get 10k coins form our testnet faucet! You will be able to receive 10k tCSC every 24h. https://testfaucet.casinocoin.org/ The Testnet Explorer can be found here: http://testexplorer.casinocoin.org/ Please keep in mind that we use the Testnet Explorer for developing a few things so it might change it look from time to time.