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  1. ...retweet the Bitrue voting, pretty please! I know we surpassed the 500 votes but it would be really good for us to reach 500 ORGANIC retweets as well. Please DO NOT buy any, rather tell your family and friends to RT it. If 50 of us just do that, we hit the 500 pretty easy. Sorry for spamming this across all channels but our actives are way higher than the current number of interactions on Twitter. Thanks! 🙂
  2. Daniel Keller

    CasinoCoin Spring Update

    Hear me, hear me everyone! The CasinoCoin Spring Update has been released on Youtube! https://youtu.be/KV2q4dOgevY
  3. Daniel Keller

    [IMPORTANT] We need ALL of you to...

    THATS the spirit 🙂 Thanks!
  4. CasinoCoin Landscape Update by John Caldwell https://youtu.be/GYP0zty4HSU
  5. Daniel Keller

    CasinoCoin NEW Exchange

    That's cool. Like i said: If you dont trust an exchange, stay away.
  6. Daniel Keller

    CasinoCoin NEW Exchange

    You always should have doubts! Let's just verify them and see if they are legit. If yes, let's take action. No one should read my statement and be like this:
  7. Hey all, as you might know, we are currently running a closed beta test with a small group of people for the Bankroll Manager. I am looking to increase that group and get a few more people in. If you want to help us out testing the product and killing some bugs, this is your chance! There are a few rules that will apply to the test: 1) Only sign up for it if you really have some time to do it. It is most likely an hour or two with every release. 2) You will have to sign an NDA and you won't be allowed to speak to anyone outside the test group about it. 3) During testing, you will have to use your real Data (Passport, ID etc.) for KYC. 4) You will need a Discord account. In order to show your interest send an email to: daniel(at)casinocoin(dot)org Subject: BRM Beta Test Message: Your Full Name, your Discord nick (Example: @daniel(wwf)#1337), your cscchat name (if you have one), your telegram name (if you have one), your device including Android or iOS, AppleID (if you are on iOS). The following sentence: Notes: - If you have no Discord Account, get one first. Discord is mandatory for the test! - Please NO additional text in that email - if you are barely able to operate your device, we want you! - the less technical you are, the better! Of course, skilled people are welcomed as well 😉 Message body example: Spots are limited so not everyone will get a spot. If you have any additional questions, do not hesitate to contact me here or on Discord.
  8. Daniel Keller

    Bankroll Manager Beta Test, looking for you!

    People who have been randomly picked just received an email 🙂
  9. Daniel Keller


    I posted a statement here https://www.cscchat.com/topic/630-casinocoin-new-exchange/?page=3&tab=comments#comment-11388 I am happy to get some insights and links 🙂 @CSC_Legend feel free to hit me up on discord or pm or just here
  10. Daniel Keller

    CasinoCoin NEW Exchange

    A word on exrates: We didn't pay for the listing. However, like always: We do not endorse any exchange. Simply because we can't. I have looked into the issues that have been forwarded to me. Withdrawals not working: This has been fixed today. The minimum amount and fees are out of this universe, I already contacted them about it. Support page not working: Link in the menu is giving a 404, but the chat in the lower right works. I told them about the broken page. Crappy Design: Ill give you that one. But it works. Fake Volume: There is the chance that this is correct, like most top50 exchanges. Social Media: Bought likes, replies and follower. Seems like. Depends on you if this matters. And here comes the very important part, which makes me wanna freak out and bite into my desk: I could not find a single propper scam accusation. Please link me one if you know one. Watch my lips, I will talk real slow: This is still crypto. He said, she said doesn't work! Just because of some random dude on Reddit, bitcointalk or xrpchat (holy moly i said it!) calling something a scam, it is not becoming a scam by default. That's not how it works. Here is how a proper scam accusation looks like https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=2248106.0 This topic was written by me and explains in detail what happens along with proof for people to verify. You should be able to spot the difference between this and "yAdA yAdA aLl mY cOiNz GoNe!!!!!!!!!! ImMa cHaRgIn My LaZar!!!!!!!!!!!!!" So if someone got "scammed" I expect at least that level of detail along with facts that can be verified. If there are proper accusations, please point me to them. Again, please note I am not defending exrates I am just stating what I see. What I have tested myself: Deposits and Withdrawals Trading works. Support does its job. All issues I did make up for support (lower right) have been resolved. Fiat Deposits via Perfect Money. Referrals are working. Basic Security Stuff, in place and working. Their API is nice. I am posting this just to reply to all messages I got at once and I am happy to have a serious convo from here moving forward. I am not endorsing exrates. If you have any doubts about any exchange, do not deposit any coins or fiat and always stay away! No hard feelings, just want to make sure we are all on the same page and talking about this on the same level.
  11. Daniel Keller

    Bankroll Manager Beta Test, looking for you!

    Closed. Mails likely to go out today/tomorrow. You will get an email in any case.
  12. Daniel Keller

    Bankroll Manager Beta Test, looking for you!

    exactly @Zenkert . So far none have been sent 😉 @NKHund
  13. Daniel Keller

    Bankroll Manager Beta Test, looking for you!

    There will be an email
  14. Daniel Keller

    Bankroll Manager Beta Test, looking for you!

    Last 72h running to drop your name into the bucket!
  15. Daniel Keller

    Bankroll Manager Beta Test, looking for you!

    did not send an end date, to be honest. When I am feeling good about it and no additional reports come in, i think.
  16. Daniel Keller

    Bankroll Manager Beta Test, looking for you!

    The test focuses more on how to use the BRM, onboarding and all that sort of things. However, there is a dummy site connected to it which allows some games to play.
  17. Daniel Keller

    Bankroll Manager Beta Test, looking for you!

    For the test, no real money gambling is taking place 😉
  18. Daniel Keller

    Bankroll Manager Beta Test, looking for you!

    @LeGonze for the test, yes!
  19. Daniel Keller

    Bankroll Manager Beta Test, looking for you!

    This test is for mobile devices, yes @Zenkert
  20. Daniel Keller

    6 Months Wait

    Problem with FSC's is: Almost always the same questions. If you got 10 to 15 good unique ones, ill get one set up.
  21. Daniel Keller

    Bankroll Manager Beta Test, looking for you!

    Forgot to mention, i will collect people for about a week 😉
  22. the only options to get your coins back would be: - find the .keys file if you exported it manually or since 4.1.2 the wallet does it automatically to C:\Users\YOURUSERNAME\Documents (don't have unix/mac path in mind) - have a backup of the .casinocoin folder - Use something like Kali Linux to clone the disk and run some recovery OR go to some professional to do it
  23. Project: Convert casinocoin-libjs from Flow to TypeScript Max Duration: 1 month (due 15-02-2019) Bounty: 7,500,000 CSC To deliver: A new TypeScript branch that can be merged and is fully functional Application needed: No Additional Info: Can be done by a group of people or just one person. Payout Terms: Has to be signed off by Andre Jochems. First come, first serve! Main source for communication: CasinoCoin Discord, channel #bounties Description: The casinocoin-libjs library and its dependencies were written in Flow JavaScript. In December 2017 Ripple already converted the codebase to TypeScript, this was after we forked the CasinoCoin library of their codebase. As most projects that make use of these libraries are already using TypeScript we need our casinocoin-libjs library converted to TypeScript as well. Ripple Pull Request 816 and its commits can be used as a guideline to execute this task however, changes were made to the Ripple code that can not be ignored. The PR can be found here https://github.com/ripple/ripple-lib/pull/816. The final product needs to compile without error, being able to be packaged with Webpack and work exactly the same as the current version. Once the new version is judged complete and correct by the CasinoCoin development team and merged into the main branch the bounty will be paid. The first person or team to realize the required result will win the bounty. The bounty will be paid only to the winner(s). If the project cannot be finished before the due date the developers can decide if part of the bounty is awarded for the work done until that moment or if an extension is permitted.
  24. Daniel Keller

    Casino coin Secret key????

    You either have an export of your account OR if you have your .casinocoin folder, which allows you to recover accounts and get the secrets. @Tonnie what exactly is happening and what exactly is different
  25. Daniel Keller

    Can this be competition to CSC?

    If Lightning, which i am a big fan of, comes into play it might work. Till then BTC is too slow, imho.