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  1. This is very big news, maybe not so much for "crypto people" but for "gambling people" and will be noticed even right before the crazy holiday season. Compliance means more than KYC and sadly most projects don't fully understand that. Compliance is one of the key issues for regulated & licensed gambling. We are happy to have Antonio on board.
  2. Daniel Keller

    Daniel keller twitter ??

    Should I be concerned? 😄
  3. The wallet also has a paper walletgen inbuild, just saying
  4. are you importing or generating a new account? Check this https://www.cscchat.com/topic/73-faqs/?tab=comments#comment-2538
  5. Daniel Keller

    Roadmap Video Q1 2019

    We have shown the BRM to a very small group of people and working on some improvements based on the feedback we got. The demo showed everything from installation, signup, kyc, transferring coins in, signing up with an operator, link your account, deposit coins and do your first bet. The plan was to have this shown to more people but this got delayed due to the mobile wallet and some other developments. I am still trying to get something done that can be shown as soon as possible. I just can't give a date. The BRM Desktop is currently in the works, Andre is on it. Them AML Visual Explorer is for regulators and operators, I am not sure if this will be shown to the public.
  6. Daniel Keller

    Roadmap Video Q1 2019

    No one reported there is a 15 seconds blackout. I assume this is on your end, whats the timestamp?
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    Brilliant Must watch

    I am going to steal this
  8. Daniel Keller

    Roadmap Video Q1 2019

    The video reveals for the Q1 2019 roadmap has been uploaded. You can find it here: The roadmap on the website will be updated in the next hours. Because of some technical issues, while recording the Video, we had to apply some hard cuts. We apologize if this may feel strange at some points.
  9. i am kinda lost, got a screenshot @CasinoCoin ?
  10. Your average 12y/o tech wizard neighbor should be able to help you as well.
  11. To stay safe, do this and get the folder C:\Users\YOURUSERNAME\.casinocoin once we have that we can export your secrets
  12. Can you hook up the drive to another PC so you can access the data? if yes, easy play.
  13. Daniel Keller

    Wallet Options?

    Yes, the mobile wallet has been forked from toast. Toast is pretty well known and eased up things for us a lot. Now that we have it available on the app store as well, we will put more time into it again. 🙂
  14. Daniel Keller

    Bitflip, follow the coins

    I will look into this later tonight