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  1. Hi, I recently saw that you are trying to solve bitflip problems. I put it at 40 xrp and 8500 doges, it's not much, can you help me with that? Or how can I help you? Thanks!

  2. Hi, I recently saw that you are trying to solve bitflip problems. I put it at 40 xrp and 8500 doges, it's not much, can you help me with that? Or how can I help you? Thanks!

  3. Daniel Keller

    Is CSC Wallet Fully Opensource?

    All wallets except the BRM are open source and can be found on git. Some might lack building instructions.
  4. Technically we call addresses accounts as CSC is account-based. I can have a look at the issue, just hit me up via PM or on Discord 🙂
  5. If you could please vote/comment and retweet, I would really appreciate it 🙂 Thanks
  6. Daniel Keller

    Coinmarketcap Tracked Listing

    Working on fixing that. (unless someone wants to trade on exrates)
  7. Daniel Keller

    CRN Applications open

    Application Form for CRN's has been published -> https://casinocoin.org/crn-application-centre We are at stage 1 which means we will collect all the necessary data before entering stage 2 which will be collecting KYC.
  8. Daniel Keller

    Quick Sandbox Questions.......

    We had the plan to go into the sandbox with our partner but the project got "too big". It went from "hey lets do this and see how it goes" to "we need to allocate proper funds and a dedicated team". Our partner had strategic biz decisions to make in specific markets and had some mayor internal infrastructure upgrades coming. Kind of unforeseen. One of the three projects had to fall short. Non the less, we are still trying to get it done.
  9. Daniel Keller

    CasinoCoin Socks - PRESALE

    7 more purchases needed and we hit production!
  10. Daniel Keller

    When News?

    News will be posted, as always, if agreements have been signed. Never based on what we are doing.
  11. Daniel Keller

    CasinoCoin Socks - PRESALE

    Hey Girls and Boys, not sure if everyone has seen this: 13 Pairs left till we hit production.
  12. Daniel Keller

    WE WANT YOU! (Beta Testing)

    yes that's correct, device os is like unix or windows
  13. Daniel Keller

    WE WANT YOU! (Beta Testing)

    We are looking for more testers regarding the super secret stuff we do. You might have heard of this secret channel called #preview on Discord. That's where all the juicy stuff is happening. We gonna handle this kind of old-school, so you will have to send an email to daniel(at)casinocoin(dot)org in the following form with the following content: Subject: Preview Group Text of the E-Mail: PLEASE DO NOT ALTER OR ADD ANYTHING ELSE! No blessings, no questions, no cheers. Just the stuff above! Thank you! NOTE: Discord is MANDATORY. If you don't have an account, you can't join. So get one, if you don't have one and join casinocoin.chat (invite link). If more people want to join than w are planning to add, people will be randomly picked! Once you have been picked, you will have to go thru a manual KYC and you will have to sign an NDA. If you don't like that, please do not send an application.
  14. Daniel Keller

    Convert CSC to XXX

    It's now easy as pie to convert CSC into other currencies. Check http://rate.cscchat.com/