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  1. Ah, it looks like it's gone... Thank everyone for the assistance. (No tips will be forthcoming... 🙂 )
  2. I haven't left the building, Just stepped out. I do have the wallet passphrase, are you saying I can recover? ELI5? Thank you!
  3. I'll repurchase. A cheap lesson, all things considered.
  4. All so true! Even the best of us, and even the worst, have misfortune visit us, even to the most careful, and certainly to the unprepared. It was my misplaced hope, that this brain trust might have a way, but alas, it seems my supposition was proven correct. I won't sweat it, as I wasn't betting the milk money, it was more like a lottery ticket. Regardless, Thank You Zenkert for your wise words. Children, remember me as a cautionary tale, and do as the Wise Elder Zenkert instructs.
  5. My android phone was wiped with the CasinoCoin Wallet on it. I' never did a backup of the key... I'm screwed, Yeah?
  6. I stopped counting at 20 confirmations. My BTC findly showed up around 3:30am.
  7. Sent some BTC this morning, 4 hours later, nothing on cfinex...
  8. To be a Whale, you must Pay-Pay...
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