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  1. TheKeiron

    WhiteBit Exchange BTC, USD & EUR pairs

    @MegaNerd Exrates is 32 on that list, just saying position on that list isn't everything...but nonetheless i hope WhiteBit does more for CSC than Exrates has 🤞
  2. TheKeiron


    More info on https://csc.observer/token/CR8 links to https://www.crazy8token.com/ with a "COMING SOON Crazy things are in the works!" placeholder Very interesting.....
  3. TheKeiron

    JC Fresh from GE2 listen carefully . . .

  4. TheKeiron

    Getting BTC

    Same here as @CasinoCoin: sending fiat to coinbase then buying on coinbase pro BTC there too, then sending the btc elsewhere to buy csc (i've used Nlexch, Nuex and Stex). Longest wait is for your fiat to arrive in coinbase (especially if its a weekend, the bank transfers only work on weekdays!) but once its there its plain sailing. EDIT: edited to specify I use coinbase pro (what used to be Gdax) for the absolute minimum fees; if you use normal coinbase their fees are high, its pennies on coinbase pro
  5. I'm not sure what the issue is, but perhaps you can work around it? You could try getting an android emulator, then try installing the android version of the CSC wallet on there?
  6. TheKeiron


    I didn't get a reply instantly on their chat system, I left the window open overnight and checked it the next day and the someone had replied.
  7. TheKeiron


    I use it a lot alongside nlexch, only problem I experienced was a stop in trading/deposits/withdrawals during maintenance, it was sorted quickly. I'd recommend them.
  8. The title "Tron Casino exit scams - demo of real use case for csc" kind of makes it sound like exit scamming is a real use case for csc but I do agree CSC is sorely needed in the industry (not for exit scamming obviously)
  9. TheKeiron

    Hello everybody

    Welcome to the CSC community!
  10. Their coin is built on their Quroum Blockchain which is using Ethereums source AKA: Find: Ethereum Replace: Quorum 😆
  11. TheKeiron

    Varius World Tech - CSC Competitor?

    CSC has a blockchain which helps with the AML aspect, no token means no blockchain, which in turn means AML will have to be achieved another way, I can't see any mention of that on their website...the wallet itself doesnt seem to emphasise any of the same things in terms of regulation that the BRM is addressing
  12. TheKeiron

    Solve the film puzzle and win 3,000 CSC

    For those wondering, the films are: Die hard with a Vengeance Goldfinger Executive Decision Educating Rita City Slickers Let It Ride Sleepless in Seattle North by northwest Smokey and the bandit National Lampoon's Christmas vacation Entrapment Under Siege Octopussy Speed Rear Window
  13. TheKeiron

    Solve the film puzzle and win 3,000 CSC

    Thanks so much for the prize @CasinoCoin and thanks for doing this competition! Great to see something like this on here, it brings some excitement to cscchat!