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  1. TheKeiron

    What Exchanges I wanna see.

    I was listening to a podcast featuring Alex Mashinsky (CEO of Celsius Network), he has some great views and motivations in general but he really made me think about exchanges in his interview: https://offthechain.libsyn.com/alex-mashinsky-what-decentralization-really-means It's a great talk, I'd recommend listening to the whole thing but the particular part about the exchanges is at the 38 minute mark. The gist is that most exchanges out there are guilty of front-running their customers, and even pumping/dumping coins, which is really not great for coins starting out like CSC. Alex Mashinsky says he wrote to the exchanges and asked for a declaration that they aren't doing these shady actions (front running etc) and funnily enough he's still waiting on a reply from Binance...I think there's more to consider than just "wen binance", we should consider the motivations of the exchanges themselves and if their potential actions/manipulations are going to jeopardize the CSC market.
  2. They're based in Malta where gambling on and off the net is a big thing, originally from the Isle of Man where a lot of the big online gambling site are based, the teams experience is all from gambling sites outside of America; this news is a blip on the radar! To have CSC in american gambling sites would be great n all but like you said I don't think it was ever the main focus, considering gambling thrives with regulation elsewhere in the world
  3. TheKeiron

    Name the smallest part of CSC

    I like chip as it has the connotations with casino/poker chips, but also the word `chip` itself has a meaning for being a fragment cut off something chip noun 1. a small piece of something removed in the course of chopping, cutting, or breaking a hard material such as wood or stone. "mulch the shrubs with cedar chips" synonyms: fragment, piece, bit; More
  4. TheKeiron

    Why is there no CSC/USD?

    The BRM will bring the ability to buy CSC with fiat and cash out back to fiat, we're all just waiting for it's release. In terms of trade on exchanges, there actually used to be fiat pairings (including USD among others) on Bitflip.li (before Bitflip went bankrupt) but the trade volume on the fiat pairings was non-existent. Most trade activity is on BTC pairings at the moment, and XRP pairings picked up receptly.
  5. TheKeiron

    CSC Vanity Address are here !

    Awesome work @Vacekthanks for this! Trying it out now 😁
  6. TheKeiron

    Sell me on the project

    @XRP I made a post on reddit which someone linked to on here about why i mostly went all in on CSC: I cover the main points as to why I think CSC is a winner, have a read and see what you think 😉
  7. TheKeiron

    Profits and Tax (UK)

    Doesn't get more official than that! This is pretty big news too; this is official government recognition of the value of crypto in general! This is a huge indicator that crypto is not going away!
  8. TheKeiron

    Profits and Tax (UK)

    Speak of the devil...: https://www.coindesk.com/uk-tax-agency-publishes-detailed-guidance-for-crypto-holders
  9. TheKeiron

    Profits and Tax (UK)

    Pretty much 😂 there's no real way to prove you bought as an investment or not, it's all about what you tell them, or what your accountants tell them I guess...
  10. TheKeiron

    Profits and Tax (UK)

    Also, on that site they state: I think this goes back to buying it speculatively.
  11. TheKeiron

    Profits and Tax (UK)

    I did a bit of digging into this a while back and came upon this Tax accountant company that addresses the "tax on crypto" question directly here. They have some videos somewhere on their site that explain it well, but the gist is that it all boils down to how you see (or more like how you portray to the HMRC) your investment into crypto: So basically if you buy it for use, it's just like any other currency, you dont pay tax on it. If you bought it speculatively, again its tax free. If you bought as an investment, it's subject to capital gains tax. If you bought it to trade as an asset, you would need to inform HMRC of the profits of the trade, which would then be subject to income tax.
  12. TheKeiron

    Tired of Baby Exchanges

    Also worth noting that Nuex has 0.08 CSC withdrawal fee! Here's my referral if you fancy joining up www.nuex.com/auth/DhCZOS6t
  13. I planned on stopping buying CSC when i bought my first lot, but the price is so damn cheap right now pretty much every pay day, month by month, I've bought a little extra 😛I don't plan on buying a big batch, but if it stays cheap I'm happy to accumulate, at least while it's in the single satoshi range! Just can't resist those prices...
  14. Sure enough the bitflip fiasco is a pain but thats not the fault of CSC, I don't believe their reputation will be hurt as @Daniel Keller is actively trying to deal with the situation. I agree with @Marco Nlexch is indeed a well trusted exchange, so I wouldn't say that a trusted exchange is needed, I would instead say the issue is that Coinmarketcap doesn't list Nlexch, but does list Bitflip. A majority of crypto traders information is sought on CMC so when they search for CasinoCoin they see Bitflip has the higher volume and therefore trade there. At least Stex is listed as an alternative but if Nlexch could be listed on Coinmarketcap then more trade would flow there instead.
  15. TheKeiron

    The Big CSC WordSearch

    I see CRN is there, but not sure if thats a coincidence... Also found NOUN, SAW, TON (or NOT depending on which way you look at it) FAT and LURE but not sure if they are to do with Casino Coin