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    Here's the poll: https://twitter.com/BitrueOfficial/status/1119131883873292289
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    Welcome! 🚀 Check: - passphrase saved? - backup of keys? - no coins on exchange except for when you activily trading? - only use nlexch.com, stex.com and nuex.com?
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    Member 500 welcome Bonus

    I'll add 700 to that 500 when we reach those wrong calculated 500 @Zenkert
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    Member 300 welcome Bonus

    Done! https://explorer.casinocoin.org/tx/B874FF58B9BD8EEB0B974EAB539FA2011C3703EBC546B0471EF509CE592EED2B
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    Welcome Jon!
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    Member 300 welcome Bonus

    I'll add another 300!
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    Great work @Deividas!
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    Happy Thanksgiving Team CSC!

    Have a nice Holiday!
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    Oops, Android Phone Wiped... Help?

    moved to problem solving
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    Tired of Baby Exchanges

    Moved this to a new sub-forum for problem solving
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    how the BRM looks on a device.

    No, sadly it is not!
  12. Wenusch

    BABB's BAX token

    @CindyLou moved this to a new category and changed the topic title to match your question
  13. Changed the reputation levels to: Bronze 1000 Silver 2500 Gold 4500 Platinum 6500 Diamond 9000 Red Diamond 12000 If someone has any suggestions, let me know.
  14. Nevermind! No negative stuff. I got a message from @BlackJack with a set of images. Will add them now.