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    Welcome! 🚀 Check: - passphrase saved? - backup of keys? - no coins on exchange except for when you activily trading? - only use nlexch.com, stex.com and nuex.com?
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    Member 500 welcome Bonus

    I'll add 700 to that 500 when we reach those wrong calculated 500 @Zenkert
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    Member 300 welcome Bonus

    Done! https://explorer.casinocoin.org/tx/B874FF58B9BD8EEB0B974EAB539FA2011C3703EBC546B0471EF509CE592EED2B
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    Welcome Jon!
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    Member 300 welcome Bonus

    I'll add another 300!
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    Great work @Deividas!
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    Happy Thanksgiving Team CSC!

    Have a nice Holiday!
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    Oops, Android Phone Wiped... Help?

    moved to problem solving
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    Tired of Baby Exchanges

    Moved this to a new sub-forum for problem solving
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    how the BRM looks on a device.

    No, sadly it is not!
  11. Wenusch

    BABB's BAX token

    @CindyLou moved this to a new category and changed the topic title to match your question
  12. Changed the reputation levels to: Bronze 1000 Silver 2500 Gold 4500 Platinum 6500 Diamond 9000 Red Diamond 12000 If someone has any suggestions, let me know.
  13. Nevermind! No negative stuff. I got a message from @BlackJack with a set of images. Will add them now.
  14. And here I am! So, is there anyone who could slice these up and scale them down to 75x75 px? Was thinking about the price ranked to the amount of messages posted. The 25 and 50 cent for negative reputation.