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  1. Thanks for the info! Much appreciated.
  2. First - why is BRM released to the general public? BRM is alpha testing quality at best. Having text that says something like "don't click on the signup button" is ridiculous in a released product. Also, releasing before in-app CSC purchases are available is terrible (simply pointing people to exchanges is poor design at best). Do you want to change the gaming industry or not? Seems like your just giving it a shot rather than taking this seriously. I wanted to purchased several million CRC, but after seeing BRM, I am hesitant. PLEASE let people know that BRM is not fully functional yet and is beta software. It's great that KYC works (I am verified now), but with no real functionality I almost feel like deleting the app from my phone. Please finish BRM ASAP! Also, FWIW, I linked my desktop wallet to BRM and again, no apparent functionality resulted! If you want to put a dent in the gaming industry I suggest that you get BRM fixed ASAP! It's not all about pretty colors, the functionality needs to be on point and work flawlessly. Maybe consider a testing team to bring BRM into a state of usability. You also may want to consider making your team stronger - you need more devs and a real CEO type (like Brad Garlinghouse).
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