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  1. I'm a windows user, previously had downloaded a desktop wallet from the CSC website and sent my coins to the wallet. 64bit I believe it may be a 4.1.4 version but when I opened it today it said an update was needed and therefore I updated it to the latest version but the wallet will now not open as it should. When logging in now using the wallet and password I only get the "loading" icon but nothing happens. I have the: -CSC account ID, Public, Private and Secret key, 8 word passphrase, password, .keys file, the date the wallet was created, and the amount of CSC that I own and is stored in the wallet. I'm prepared to await support to rectify the situation before I scream "scam". A timely response would be much appreciated. If there is a better way to raise the concern or request for support just let me know. Regards CSC Coiner
  2. Just to update this post. Daniel on discord has helped me out with a couple of links which solved the issue and sent my coins from my old wallet to my new one. As I had my secret key he advised me to download the new token wallet and follow the guide below which worked. Great, get the 5.x wallet from https://casinocoin.org/downloads/ and then follow this https://casinocoin.org/kb/article/how-to-move-csc-from-old-desktop-wallet-to-the-token-wallet/#ch_2
  3. Are you joking? No reply from admin or mods in three days...