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  1. I usually recommend https://casinocoinpaperwallet.com BUT if you are really paranoid, or need a bunch of addresses, I spent a little time and updated the offline paper wallet generator for the paranoid. https://github.com/cscchat/csc-paper-wallet It generates 4 foldable wallets on a single piece of paper. Easy for gifting. PLUS, the address and secret of each wallet is output to the console (Browser Web Tools -> JS Console), so you can create an encrypted USB backup key of all the addresses to make sure you have a backup for the people who you gift. Or you can use the console and just generate a bunch of addresses to use in a non-paper style. To be 100% secure, use a live linux version, pull the project from github, go offline to generate some address and then pull the pull on the computer before jumping back online. There is 0% of someone grabbing the keys during generation since they will be erased when the computer goes down. Instructions on github... Enjoy!
  2. I think a better system would be based on chips. And be way smaller. This is just the default settings, so I will look into it.
  3. I could see Binance, but only once adoption has started. I see the exchange adoption similarly to how Nano grew. Shitty exchanges until it became super hot, then exploding everywhere. A lot of the negative naysayers will disappear once everyone has direct access through a payment processor hooked to the BRM. It makes it easy to have anyone buy it and represents the safest way to buy since you automatically hold your own coins. (no exchange fears)
  4. I really love the fact that the response was from someone list as being part of the MGA (Malta Gaming Authority), as opposed to the MDIA (Malta Digital Innovation Authority). That means they are viewing the sandbox as a gambling operation that uses virtual currencies, and not a virtual currency operation in the gambling arena. Additionally, the MDIA is just spinning up, where the MGA has been rolling for a few months. So I would expect a shorter timeline as well.
  5. I would agree. Not FUD, since frankly no one nows how the market will respond. My estimates for end of year are between $0.005 and $0.35. I am an optimist and lean toward the latter, but I wouldn't be surprised by the former. The main difference for this project is that it is built on real world use. Once it starts to get used, it will start to gain steam. The question is how quickly that happens. If the sandbox doesn't excite other operators to get on board, then it will probably be a slow climb. Personally, I am invested because I see FOMO as an integral part of gambling and crypto. mix the two and you have a deadly cocktail. Especially, when there is a real project with a real team using a real product to solve a real problem. That being said, we NEED perspectives like @MegaNerd to keep us consistently analyzing the project and making sure we try to stay as grounded as possible. For example, here is how i see my prediction paths: $0.005 - the sandbox gets delayed again, the announcement doesn't excite the gambling community when it happens, the foundation continues to hold off marketing, Skill or another payment processor starts to gains significant market share and solves the delayed transfer problem. The land-based project breaks down, and the team reorganizes. Simultaneously, BTC drops down into the $4k region and the bear market extends out through to next Spring. $0.35 - Everything goes right at the same time. The sandbox opens up the market interest, and CSC get rapid adoption across the market. 200-500 operators integrate via platform integration (buying payout stakes) and we leave the sandbox early. The land-based integration goes Beta with test cases in Malta. Binance partners with CSC (via Malta connections) and is integrated as their main backend exchange for payment processors, BRM allows instant CSC transfers from/to Binance. All 5 of the largest operators announce plans to join, thereby buying payout stakes. BTC breaks $8k then runs to $35k. CSC is riding on top of the largest Hype train in history. Which will happen? Who knows? But either is totally possible. I am a firm believer in crypto over the next 2 years at least. But if everything goes to $0 I will be OK. Plan your life around that, and whatever happens is good. (or own a small island great)
  6. Following. @csc_chat @honeybyte Anyone else that adds here I will add on regular intervals as well.
  7. @Sheldon asked me to move this over to an open club, which means if anyone want to contribute, they have to reach out and ask SHedon, or one of the other leaders for an invite. This doesn't change the NSFW rules, and all member who have contributed have been invited. If I missed anyone, just ask to join. Thanks for being a part of this awesome club and making the community so amazing.
  8. @RonSwanson I would expect to see actual gaming sites using the coin by the end of next month, possible the end of October at the latest. Sure it will be in the sandbox, but it will be fully functional. In some ways that is better. Speculators love to look at the possible, and with the volume being restricted by the sandbox, they can dream...
  9. Get one without the Wifi if you are really paranoid.
  10. ALWAYS, ALWAYS, ALWAYS export/save/backup keys for every crypto project. Ain't nobody got time to guess the private key for an address (since it would take longer than the number of stars in the universe in years).
  11. i think the terminology is confused by word choice and the parallel in other block chains using BIP 039, 'seed chain' tech. Since BIP 039 uses 24 word as a Master Seed for deterministic wallets for generating multiple public/private keys. Using 8 words as a password recovery mechanism that has nothing to do with key generations is confusing. But since both use sets of words for totally different purposes it mixes technical metaphors. Additionally, there is inconsistency in the naming. The docs for key pair generation call it a 'seed', but the wallet key export calls it a 'secret'. The paper wallet import calls it a 'Private Key'. The dev docs calls it a 'secret' as well. These should all be the same to make it easier to understand an already confusing situation.
  12. Personally, I put my Cfinex btc address into blockchair.com to see the progress. I am a firm believer that lightning is going to be a game changer with BTC for these kind of things. Then the real competition will begin for consumers, BTC, XRP, CSC, etc.. In the end, Venmo and its like will die a horrible death and allow the people to control their own money (and data regarding it)
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