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  1. I would love it to get to $1 that would let me do and have the freedom for the rest of my life However, I think the whole market is not going to do very much the rest of this year for any asset, if we can get to $0.3 eoy that would still be an acheivement in it's own right oops posted this in the wrong thread lol it should have been in the EOY thread please move this to there mods.
  2. Agree on this ^^^^^ we will need "troll control" that's one of the things i dislike about xrpchat they seems to be able to get away with saying and doing what they like and then others get banned for posting bakini pics lol, there needs to be site structure and rules and i think that's going to be the best way forward, set the rules straight from the start
  3. How I understand it is that the listing fee for new assets on Binance is generally disigned to be priced around the value of the asset as it stands at the time of application but you are correct in that it can reach $1million, higher value assets will have a higher listing fee than others, I may be wrong but that's the way I see it, ranging from $100k to $1mil Bitrex is free to list by the way 😉 PS. hello everyone by the way