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  1. yes, well, under 'tools' it shows show account secret. So that secret key belongs to a CSC account/ not to the wallet ? (Sorry, I might ask stupid questions here)
  2. Hi All, New to this forum, am however a big long-time follower and enthusiast on the casincoin developments. And therefore also a CSC holder.. However struggeling still a little with holding my CSC safe and secure. Would love to have a hardware wallet option, but clearly that comes at a cost which is probably not feasible at this point in time. So I keep mine still on an exchange (yeah I know...) Playing around a little with the latest casioncoin desktop wallet (5.0.7/windows version). Where can I find proper and full guidenance on how this latest wallet works; and especially re. backup-functionalities / restoring funds etc ? e.g. there is no ' private key export' functionality in the latest version, yet it works with a secret key / how is that different from a private key ? Thanks !
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