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  1. I used this one: https://casinocoinpaperwallet.com Went to Git, and ran it locally myself. Nice for gifting CSC
  2. your fine .. nothing to worry about with what was CFinex.
  3. internet 101, glad you point it out @BlackJack for those who don't get that. Now, if the data is captured and used for malicious intent ... thats a whole other thing alltogether. Either way, trying to contribute to the community. Those who want to use it will, and those who don't for whatever the reason ... thats fine also. Appreciate the feedback
  4. Of course. Anyhoooo ... the tool is out there if anyone wants to use it, or not. I'm fine either way.
  5. yeah, that's what I'm doing ... I've been around long enough between XRPChat and CSCChat that those who know me know this is a simple tool. Nothing more. Paranoia isn't a bad thing however in Crypto land.
  6. Poll is a little vague, but will give a sense of how long people have been involved and hodling
  7. Vacek

    Get your funds off of Cfinex!

    I don't disagree ... But also am more keen on BRM release, Sandbox activity at the moment. Exchanges WILL come. Still have NLexch and Bitflip. I suspect volume will move to those 2 for the time being. I'm still as bullish as ever. Doesn't change my view of the Foundation, team or product.
  8. Vacek

    Get your funds off of Cfinex!

    ones voluntary, one isn't.
  9. Vacek

    Get your funds off of Cfinex!

    Chill everyone .... just chill. Closing is a more appropriate term, not going out of business.
  10. Vacek

    Get your funds off of Cfinex!

    Chill everyone .... just chill.
  11. Vacek

    CSC walletinvestor.com forecast

    More than today is the best I can say. Way too many factors to sort out to even hazard a guess.
  12. Vacek

    CSC walletinvestor.com forecast

    Useless info. It is based on some algorithm that is applied to every coin. If CSC doubled today, so do all those predictions. I say it is WAY WAY WAY off and we will far out-shoot that. But time and execution will be the real predictor.
  13. Vacek

    CSC and Nano S

    fair enough. I do own one, so be silly to disagree 🙂
  14. Vacek

    CSC and Nano S

    whats not secure about paper wallets ? I generated them offline, packaged them up and they sit in my safety deposit box in the bank vault.