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  1. Hey All, I've created 2 #CSC Vanity license plates for myself, but if there is enough interest I can have a bulk run of these done and ship them anywhere around the globe. They are Reflective heavy duty Aluminum, printed with UV ink, 12" x 6" .... Standard license plate size. Price will be approx: $25.00 usd .... or might just do a flat fee of 40,000 CSC to keep it simple and fast. (TBD once I see if there is interest and potential order size) Drop me a note if you are interested, and if there is enough interest, I'll do all the grunt work to pull this together. V
  2. I have added a new vanity search script ( cscwallet_any.js ) that will now allow searching for a vanity address in any position within a wallet address. It is case insensitive as well. https://github.com/luschka1/CSC-vanity-generator Enjoy !
  3. For those installing on Windows. After running the npm install casinocoin-libjs command , make sure you have a directory now called node_modules This node_modules directory needs to be in the SAME folder as cscwallet.js ... if it is not, copy it from where it is, and paste it into the same folder as cscwallet.js then run the command (node cscwallet.js test abc Moon) and all will be fine
  4. where did xrpwallet.js come from exactly ?
  5. fun if you want one, but they function just like any other CSC address ... so why not have a personalized one? There are no limitations on its use, once you have found what you like.
  6. Yes, there are a number of them. Not me, I forked this for fun, and am sharing with everyone to use themselves. Contributing to the community as I see it. I've already nailed down my address for myself, so good on my end 😉
  7. Does a wallet with an address like cZENKERTvMnDLXHKqLiewGz5mrcA4Wy4dp excite you? If not, nothing to see here 😉
  8. If you travel in the XRP circles at all, you already know who WietseWind is. I have forked his XRP Vanity wallet address repository and you can now create your very own CSC vanity address. 100% open source, and uses the CasinoCoin opensource API's. Meant to be run offline (no internet connected). Simple to run, anyone should be able to do this! Once you have found an address you like, simply import the associated "secret" into your desktop or mobile wallet and its yours forever to use. https://github.com/luschka1/CSC-vanity-generator Some examples: cCSCQvMMSbGytyU9EAyATrA9GdGYTTfLiv cwkCFu4DgZGtemwMu7qPeWrJjRdkoqaKYC cBRMkZAspv2XoqHjkz4Dqc9wa12TD6v77b c35vjcBpvMnDLXHKqLiewGz5mrcA4WyCSC coinUN5XAxxCV6W6kCKehrfaY8cY58TcW cpN5wvuNzspjwSoVNt3yN8xQGTFhDaviD Enjoy !
  9. I used this one: https://casinocoinpaperwallet.com Went to Git, and ran it locally myself. Nice for gifting CSC
  10. your fine .. nothing to worry about with what was CFinex.
  11. internet 101, glad you point it out @BlackJack for those who don't get that. Now, if the data is captured and used for malicious intent ... thats a whole other thing alltogether. Either way, trying to contribute to the community. Those who want to use it will, and those who don't for whatever the reason ... thats fine also. Appreciate the feedback
  12. Of course. Anyhoooo ... the tool is out there if anyone wants to use it, or not. I'm fine either way.
  13. yeah, that's what I'm doing ... I've been around long enough between XRPChat and CSCChat that those who know me know this is a simple tool. Nothing more. Paranoia isn't a bad thing however in Crypto land.
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