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  1. All the action is on discord. This is my announcment of leaving CSCChat. I still HODL and believe in the project. But this chat is more or less in LIMBO. I will move my 4k CSC promised to member 400, into the CSCTipBot and tip posters at Discord instead. It was fun to be here. You who know me from XRPChat, know that I left the Zerpening there. So welcome to the CSC server at Discord. Register and have fun. https://discord.gg/SfCApX Take Care in DA Land. Zen.
  2. Login and get a little something from me.
  3. Zenkert

    BNB brakes ATH

    This E P I C ! ! ! In the midst or maybe the end of Crypto Winter. BNB today set a new ATH. Nuff said.
  4. Zenkert

    CSC on Bitrue Exchange VOTE NOW!

    Thanks for posting @Venom saved me the work. Voted of COURSE Come on everyone that has not. VOTE NOW!
  5. Zenkert

    CasinoCoin Spring Update

    Very down to earth and very promising. JC is plain and true. I really like the way the Foundation Communicates. Healthy.
  6. Zenkert

    Breaking: Binance delists Bitcoin SV

    If you happen to see a Ninja Turtle, it just might be Craig Sat oushi ng away, to alter the text in the History Books of Crypto.
  7. Zenkert

    CSC Tip Bot

    We now have our own Tip Bot. https://www.csctipbot.com/ If you wanna read up a bit on Tip Bot and how it´s used and so forth. Hodor´s latest XRP Blog about the XRP Tip Bot, is an excellent read. https://xrpcommunity.blog/xrp-tip-bot-crypto-wrapped-in-fun/
  8. Zenkert

    Monero payment ID

    Deposit address is OK. But you need a XMR Deposit Payment ID too. Like this, according to Binance: 72f569baba2d8744c72bc36845e2ae057a826c7ecfa1471b37618639dc1c85f5 How the Monero wallet works, I have no idea? Sorry about that. I suggest you get in touch with Monero Wallet Support, to help you get things sorted out.
  9. Zenkert

    Breaking: Binance delists Bitcoin SV

    Bitrue too. They delist it today. And Craig will start the first Crypto Nuclear War, sooooooooooooon
  10. Zenkert


    Bitrue does this today:
  11. Zenkert

    CasinoCoin is thinking BIG!

    Good I had my shot of CSC F.O.M.O vaccination a couple of weeks ago. Otherwise I would have bought more @Mr X Thanks for the Post 👍
  12. Zenkert

    Breaking: Binance delists Bitcoin SV

    Sorry to spoil the Party. But, no they will not.
  13. Let´s wait and see what it´s about. Turn down expectations and Chill. This baby needs time.
  14. I remember in the good old days in XRPChat, there was a member who often asked the question: - Can I sell now?
  15. You have loads of CSC and still buying @Wutang2889 you are just fooling around here, in the Chat
  16. Those who bought BTC low before the jump april 2, still have a load of sat left to buy at 6 CHEAP.
  17. I get that point @Dutchpinoy but it does not really apply to CSC IMHO. The Hold up in CSC and the Foundation is that there is still no Official BRM app available. Has nothing to do with MGA at all.
  18. Nothing new there. Relax. Looks like none has seens this before on a exchange. It been so for a long time.
  19. Exactly - BANG on @ultramarathonist who are they? Useless information, unless revealed.
  20. Zenkert

    Hot garbage

    Very strange post
  21. Zenkert

    Liquidity best way to buy?

    As of today. Buy, buy, buy, if you are a believer in CSC. Buy at Market price to build your stash @XRP2CSC
  22. Bitflip OMG, a offspring of that Russian Fraud exchange !!!
  23. We are all waiting for member 400 to join the Chat. He/she who does will get 4 000 CSC from me. ( I raised the bar, previously it was 400 CSC)