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  1. Zenkert

    CasinoCoin & FunFair ???

    It´s just a picture, guys and gals, they are socializing. Means nothing.
  2. Zenkert

    Vote for PowerPiggy Bitrue

    Bitrue has powerpiggy and Raffles, is that really an exchange. Sorry for ranting guys.
  3. I am leaning towards getting a Crypto Card. IMHO it is a thing for the future. Done some sloppy research and I think this is the best one. https://wirexapp.com/
  4. Morning. The Cammegh token - Cammo - is now listed on the CSC Observer. https://csc.observer/tokens
  5. Zenkert

    Hi CSCchat !

    Link works for you too @.CrossingTheRubicon you are welcome to join us on Discord too.
  6. Zenkert

    Vote for PowerPiggy Bitrue

    Many people like Bitrue. I doo not. So I will not vote.
  7. Zenkert

    Hi CSCchat !

    Hi and welcome @King_Boo head over to the CSC Discord server with lots of action, and "non action" takes place. Here´s an invite for you if you want to join and loose your soul in CSC - LOL. Anyway here´s the invite. Link expires in 24 hours. https://discord.gg/SaCUpp
  8. Hard to get around that one @Mr X How about this one ?
  9. Zenkert

    Is CasinoCoin the future for crypto gambling

    The word is spreading. Good stuff. Thanks for the find and for the post @Venom +200 CSC
  10. Sounds reasonable. Never had that issue. With the older ones or the new Token wallet.
  11. No I do not have that problem @dabiggapicta
  12. Zenkert

    Fresh from XRPChat

    Just noticed that CasinoCoin Closed Club at XRPChat is listed as a popular club there. It is closed and refers to us and CSC with a lot of links. Have a smile and a beer!
  13. You are welcome brother.
  14. New Wallet is great @dabiggapicta just moved all my CSC there. Worked flawless. Even the GFG tokens I have bough are there now.