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  1. Who knows ? https://casinocoin.org/pipeline/
  2. Next listing on Whitebit is GFG . . . Confirmed.
  3. Was a lot of stupid rants on discord about the video yesterday. Maybe DM decided to remove it. to get som peace of mind. I watched it, while it was up. It was good and true. DM is a GREAT DUDE !
  4. Does not seem like listing coins at all, more of ideas of how to develop Binance.
  5. Can I buy some Crazy8Tokens pls ?
  6. CSC team song, just replace the word "Rollin" with "Token"
  7. I donĀ“t mind being blocked, for speaking my mind. Why did CSC price drop as well?
  8. No @LeGonze that OP has been around in XRPChat and now he is here, asking and posting same stupid SHEYT, so I will not calm down on this matter. He interferce and misleads. A Troll or a Fudder, on a mission (unclear what it is), he is, or just plain stupid. You select whatever options suits you best, brother.
  9. What a stupid question ! ! ! Sorry OP, but hello, wake up, are in Crypto World or in Disney World ?
  10. They (GFG) set their own price @LeGonze I bought at 550 right when it was released at nlexch, and I guess it is around there to at STEX if you look carefully.
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