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  1. Zenkert

    Convert CSC to XXX

    I hear it´s rising fast . . .
  2. Zenkert

    Just for fun, first crazy thing you'll buy?

    A cheap car.
  3. Hey guys. Watch this. Just posted.
  4. Zenkert

    CSC ROI 2019 better than XRP

    Sidenote @NKHund moved all my XRP into BTC - LOL.
  5. Here´s a little poll for you. Enjoy. WTF. Can´t post the poll. Made polls before, this freaks me out. So just answer Yes, No or I dont know, Sorry guys.
  6. Zenkert

    Tron Foundation

    Never had any TRON @LeGonze
  7. Zenkert

    Tron Foundation

    Yep she must tweeting like that @LeGonze
  8. Zenkert

    Tron Foundation

    Founder of @GlobalCoinRsrch and @blockchainsfor , formerly @techcrunch, @TheInformation Accelerator, @MerrillLynch, @Harvard @LeGonze
  9. Zenkert

    What Sat? EOY

    I voted 100 cause it was in the middle
  10. Zenkert

    I blame the zerpening

    It was @Blukoo who made that? I forgot that. Fun Pic it was.
  11. Zenkert

    I blame the zerpening

    Hi there brother @Blukoo and a warm welcome to the CSCommunity
  12. What police force and WHY @bluedalmatian NLexch is a very solid and trusted exchange. You sad A. Now it´s time to say B.
  13. The answer is simple @bluedalmatian - YES!
  14. Zenkert

    Top 1000 Accounts

    Who cares about top 1 000? You got what you have and buy more, or sell.
  15. Zenkert

    Average Buying Price

    I bought what I could afford. Never looked at the prise. Latest buys was at 14-15 sats. To get me a play stash. 200K of them I put into the 5M initiative to spread CSC when CSC goes live on Bitrue. A great community effort that I am proud of being a part of. https://www.bitrue.com/activity/online-csc