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  1. Zenkert

    Bitflip update

    Shure worth the effort if you get them back. Lesson learned I wish you all the best of getting your CSC back. The only exchanges I trust are Bitstamp and Binance. I trust Bitstamp with my fiats, still have some there ready for the Drop or if I get a sudden urge to buy some more XRP. At Binance I have Moeda [MDA] and some VTHO.
  2. Zenkert

    Bitflip update

    Good News I hope! At least so it seems @Wdbi Fingers Crossed. If you can get your CSC back it will be great, but after that I suggest you leave BITEXBOOK and never come back. My gut feeling tells me that this might be just another scam exchange ( I have checked the site in safe mode in another browser than I use in this chat)
  3. @dabiggapicta At Nuex I only buy with XRP. It is great to skip one step of the process ( I have no BTC ) I buy XRP at Bitstamp with fiat, transfer to Nuex, to buy CSC. And I also found out that buying with XRP there. Do not look at the sell orders. Place a buy order where you feel comfortable. Most of them get through - it is like gambling - sort of.
  4. Zenkert

    What other coins do you have?

    ... well VTHO are more worth than CSC right now. I do not know if should laugh, or cry, or have a mental breakdown . . . ...
  5. Zenkert

    What other coins do you have?

    Have you kept your VTHO? I have.
  6. Zenkert

    What other coins do you have?

    I think it was a good choice too @RMCSC My HODL´s are XRP and CSC, but I also play around a bit not to loose interest in the Market. MDA I have for the mission of the project, well not entirely, cough, cough, it does some moves on it´s on and it is possible to get some gain, keep the original investement and use the gain to buy more CSC.
  7. Zenkert

    What other coins do you have?

    Still belive in VET do you? I had VET´s sold with a loss, just like my CRAZY gamble on BCH before the ABC/SV fork. That was my absolute worst move in DA ever So far -
  8. Zenkert

    What other coins do you have?

    I am a little curious about what other Coins Chatmembers have, more than CSC ? I have XRP and Moeda [MDA]. And some Fiats waiting at my exchange if the market drops further.
  9. Zenkert

    Bubble Bursting Bitcoin

    Thanks for the move @Wenusch I was a bit sloppy there. Sorry for that
  10. WOW @BlackJack this is really good news. Mille Grazie for the Post. Must admit I got a kiss of FOMO again ! ! ! ! ! And I guess this was one of the things behind what @Daniel Keller posted not so long ago, about some changes taking place in the Foundation.
  11. Zenkert


    Look at the Total DA Market Cap and r e l a x or PANIC
  12. Zenkert

    No volume

    Enjoy it while it lasts
  13. Zenkert

    Bubble Bursting Bitcoin

    Interesting read on Bubble Bursting related to Bitcoin, the dotcom Crash and other crashes. https://u.today/past-ico-review-tezos-crypto-king-for-a-day