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  1. Hard to get around that one @Mr X How about this one ?
  2. Zenkert

    Is CasinoCoin the future for crypto gambling

    The word is spreading. Good stuff. Thanks for the find and for the post @Venom +200 CSC
  3. Sounds reasonable. Never had that issue. With the older ones or the new Token wallet.
  4. No I do not have that problem @dabiggapicta
  5. Zenkert

    Fresh from XRPChat

    Just noticed that CasinoCoin Closed Club at XRPChat is listed as a popular club there. It is closed and refers to us and CSC with a lot of links. Have a smile and a beer!
  6. You are welcome brother.
  7. New Wallet is great @dabiggapicta just moved all my CSC there. Worked flawless. Even the GFG tokens I have bough are there now.
  8. Curious about this post. What is the meaining of if ? I do not get it.
  9. Yes @CasinoCoin that is the ways it is.
  10. Zenkert

    Ripple Open Letter to Congress

    Yeah lol. And then . . . Hey Ripple are the good Guys. You are the bad guys. Waky waky. Is the message IMHO. No Politics but I agree. Jeeezzzzzz , what´s wrong in the land of USA?
  11. Zenkert


    Mysteriously disapperad @500! Did.
  12. Zenkert

    XRPchat refugees club

    Hi @jag216 Obviously it is, but I think reason it opened was when XRPChat was down way back in time. Not for real refugees
  13. Zenkert

    New CasinoCoin wallet

    That is the "CSC Token Wallet" Since Daniel tweeted I guess it´s ok to comment. Hope I did not break my NDA by posting this.
  14. Nope. Do not uninstall. That is the worst thing you can do. Join CSC Discord and go to #help-and-questions. Here is an invite for you. https://discord.gg/VwPFn5
  15. Zenkert

    CasinoCoin Dot Connecting!

    Dots are getting bigger. And the Chain is getting longer...