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  1. I'm on a different computer at the moment (office to home) and I don't have my wallet on this computer, but tomorrow I'll send you the screenshots showing my initial deposits along with my account number. Tomorrow, I'll also open the wallet that I installed on my computer and take current screenshots. I'm not a tech savvy person, so it's probably something simple. I'm also in CSC just for speculation and haven't spent much time learning it's basic technology, but to me it reminds me of a wallet from Ripple from a couple of years ago before the Nano S, which was not at all intuitive. I do not like this CSC wallet at all. Unfortunately few will adopt this coin until the wallets are the same leap of interface that happened from DOS to Windows. I really do appreciate your taking the time to respond. I'll be in touch tomorrow.
  2. Hello: I purchased some CSC back in May of this year, opened an account and downloaded a wallet, then transferred the CSC from the exchange to my wallet in two transactions. It seemed to work just fine, and I have checked my wallet multiple times since then where there seemed to be no problem. I checked today, however, and there is no record of my CSC. I took screenshots of my wallet and the recorded transfers back then. I can see that the wallet I open today does not have the same account number, and I don't know how to change it to the one I originally opened. It's a small stake, and I haven't spent a lot of time learning how to use their wallet, etc., but I do believe in the coin's use case and would like to find my CSC. Is there anybody here who might be able to help me? PS: my wallet is installed a Mac with the latest OS. Thank you in advance.
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