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  1. Since Casinocoin has gained a lot of praise and attention in the past couple of months, and having seen a lot of money being dumped to keep the prices low, and knowing that the majority of CSC fans are hodlers for long term... I am now 100% convinced that the dumping is being orchastrated by a competing entity who wants people to move away from CSC to their own shitty coin... IT WONT HAPPEN... Dump down to 1 satoshi and we will keep buying more 💪
  2. Wait a second... Few days back, John Caldwell broadcasted from G2E Asia and explicitly talked about possibly closing a new deal and has mentioned it may be announced in a week "but it may take a bit longer".... Then yesterday he updated the community about partnership with cammegh. However, cammegh partnership is Not the deal he was referring to in G2E broadcast right? In yesterday's video he once again referenced something in the pipeline for "the very near future" ... So fasten ur seatbelts....Cammegh partnership is super duper great... But something bigger is cooking!!!
  3. @XRPbtw i never ever talked about yearly volume... am thinking some people are reading the post in parts and analyzing without reading the whole thing 😄i talked about forecasted market capitals... that has very less to do with volumes of trades
  4. @Jack-of-Spade they sure do... no one is denying the great utility of XRP , but for XRP holders, who are hoping to see $3 and $5 price levels again.... specially those who bought at high prices .... they might have to wait a bit long until XRP re-captures that market share again (either from crypto or online transfers market , or both) ... if as you say, XRP knew EXACTLY what they did... then they EXACTLY knew how to take people's money by hyping their coin on major exchanges and reaping immense profits --- still thought, it doesn't mean they are not delivering.... of course they are....
  5. lol @Jack-of-Spade dont worry yo... am 33 years old... enigineering economics is a second major... "NOT fresh out of school" .. plus whats wrong with fresh out from schoool? look at zuckerberg ...he made his milllions ... "fresh out of school" heheh ... no offense yo.. + these are not predictions... these are "forecasts" a scientific method has been used .... differentiating these two terms is crucial
  6. 1 or 2 big online gambling software developers who have 100's of operators should be enough..... OH WAIT.... one of those big software developers peep is sitting on casinocoin's board of advisors.... you know Lydia Barbara right? Microgaming? .....hiiiinnnttttts lol
  7. lol.. it would have worked if we measure the % XRP can capture from the global online money transfer share but you know what prevents that ? the market share it has already obtained from the crypto market late 2017 is way higher than the % it currently captures from the online money transfer market.... XRP would not have had to suffer if they did not hype before their final product... this is exactly why i respect CSC
  8. @Chris CSC's market cap would be a percentage from europe's market cap so long it is operating and regulated in the european market, if CSC gets asian operators it will also capture a percentage of the asian market share.... (Am talking about online gambling market share NOT crypto market share). The B $29.06 would be the accumulated market share of this industry in europe by 2023, not a yearly average or yearly volume. The % csc would be able to capture from this market depends not on the ins and outs transactions on the paltform alone, but majorily on the number of platforms that will demand a certain # of csc holding to circulate in their games.. lets say company X has a capital of $1 M dollars and decided to buy 200,000 USD worth of CSC this will increase csc market cap by 200,000 $ or 20% from company X's share in the market.... Got the logic?
  9. @Zenkert exaaactly.. this is why my analysis revolves around thw online gamblimg market share, and not the cryptomarket share 😉
  10. @Rey the online gambling market share includes all online gaming that has monetary transactions involved (ie sports betting, lotto, bingo, etc).. Real life casinos are not included and this would def increase the forecasted figures
  11. @CasinoCoin the module used to forescast is based on capturing a % of the online gambling market share and NOT the crypto currencies market share. Therefore, using this module wont work in forecasting the price of csc neither previously on the litecoin nor xrp technology noting that up until this day and until casinocoin goes live... Csc has 0% share from the global market cap of online gambling. The projected figures , again, as mentioned in the post are solely built around a % of online gambling market share that csc would be able to capture in the future,... To sum it up.. the value of CSC would be what i mentioned in the post + the value it would capture from the cryptocurrency market share as a result of exchange listing and marketing
  12. @Ermac true, this is why exactly i stated that my prediction is independent of exchange listing and BTC future price... It is most realsitic when it comes to price as compared to makret share from the industry. Fomo would not count in future forecasts as fomos are a current state of mind that influences on a short term not a long term
  13. Everyone around the CSC community had been speculating CSC's price prediction for the coming years.... most of the predictions are..... just random or wishful...... As I near graduation in Engineering Economics and Planning, and being a MEGA fan of CSC, I decided to put a little time to scientifically forecast CSC price 5 years from now ( 2023) using an economical forecasting module ( SMA - Smooth Moving Average forecast) Before we start, please note that this forecast is based on nominal $ value of CSC and does not take into account changes in the Bitcoin value ( forecast would be much higher if Bitcoin prices hike in the next 5 years, or much lower if bitcoin takes a dip) Also this forecast does not take into account the capital attracted from non-gambling activities. That is to say, the forecast does not include capital changes from listing in major exchanges which would certainly increase the forecasted figures significantly. In a nutshell, the following forecast is as neutral as it could be Lets starts: Part 1: Online Gambling Global Market Cap (Actual figures from various online sources) Year: 2014 ---------------------------- Market Cap: $ 34.81 B ( billion dollars) Year: 2015 ---------------------------- Market Cap: $ 37.91 B ~ 8.9% increase from 2014 Year: 2016 ---------------------------- Market Cap: $ 41.77 B ~ 10% increase from 2015 Year: 2017 ---------------------------- Market Cap: $ 47.11 B ~ 12.78% increase from 2016 Year: 2018 ---------------------------- Market Cap: $ 51.96 B ~ 10.29% increase from 2017 => The Simple Moving Average is ( 8.9% + 10% +12.78%+10.29%) / 4 = + 10.49% annual increase Therefore; Online Gambling Global Market Cap Forecast for the next 5 years is as follows: Year: 2019 ---------------------------- Market Cap: $ 51.96 B + 10.49% = $ 57.41 B Year: 2020 ---------------------------- Market Cap: $ 57.41 B + 10.49% = $ 63.43 B Year: 2021 ---------------------------- Market Cap: $ 63.43 B + 10.49% = $ 70 B Year: 2022 ---------------------------- Market Cap: $ 70 B + 10.49% = $ 77.34 B Year: 2023 ---------------------------- Market Cap: $ 77.34 B + 10.49% = $ 85.45 B => By year 2023, the Global Market Cap for the online Gambling Industry would be $ 85.45 B. However, taking into consideration the forecasting error margin of 15% (a very realistic marginal forecasting error), the real Forecasted Global Market Cap for the online Gambling Industry would be $ 72.65 B ( The figure I obtained from the above SMA module is in line with figures developed by reportbuyers.com - https://www.prnewswire.com/news-releases/the-global-online-gambling-market-is-anticipated-to-generate-revenues-of-more-than-74-billion-by-2023-300714929.html) Part 2: Online Gambling EUROPE Market Cap As of 2015, Europe holds 47.6 % of the global market share; however, to avoid being optimistic, lets suppose that Europe maintains a 40% from the Online Gambling Global Market Cap in 2023. Therefore; by 2023, Europe's Market Cap in the Online Gambling Industry would be $ 72.65 B * 40% = $ 29.06 B (Note: With Europe's increased efforts in establishing new technologies to boost and regulate the Online Gambling Industry, I personally expect Europe to hold at least 55% of Global Market Cap in 2023; However we will stick to the 40% figure to avoid being over-optimistic ) Part 3: CasinoCoin's (CSC) Market share from the Forecasted European Online Gambling Market Cap in 2023. Straight forward, knowing that the forecasted Market Cap of Europe's Online Gambling Market is expected to be $ 29.06 B in 2023, and conditioned that CSC will be up and running by that time, the following are CSC's price forecasts for the year 2023 : Using the price formula : Price = Market Cap / Circulating Supply Where Market Cap is a % of CSC's market share from the European market; and Circulating Supply is constant at 36 Billion. 1- if CSC captures 1% of Europe's Market Cap in 2023 => CSC Market Cap = $ 29.06 B * 1% = $ 0.29 B => Forecasted CSC price = $ 0.29 B/ 36 B = $ 0.008 That is 4,700% increase from today's price, or 4,700% return on your current CSC holdings. 2- if CSC captures 5% of Europe's Market Cap in 2023 => CSC Market Cap = $ 29.06 B * 5% = $ 1.45 B => Forecasted CSC price = $ 1.45 B/ 36 B = $ 0.04 That is 23,529% increase from today's price, or 23,529 % return on your current CSC holdings. 3- if CSC captures 10% of Europe's Market Cap in 2023 => CSC Market Cap = $ 29.06 B * 10% = $ 2.9 B => Forecasted CSC price = $ 2.9 B/ 36 B = $ 0.08 That is 47,058% increase from today's price, or 47,058 % return on your current CSC holdings. 4- if CSC captures 15% of Europe's Market Cap in 2023 => CSC Market Cap = $ 29.06 B * 15% = $ 4.35 B => Forecasted CSC price = $ 4.35 B/ 36 B = $ 0.12 That is 70,588% increase from today's price, or 70,588 % return on your current CSC holdings. Remember... all these great figures, are very realistic, even more, undervalued since we are not taking into account the increase in CSC's market cap from 1- Major Exchanges listings (including investors who are not in the projected online gambling market share, non-gamblers) 2- Bitcoin's expected increase in the next 5 years. Holding.... is the best investment.... #LIVE #LOVE #CASINOCOIN
  14. Hats off to you my friend... A great morning read.. the full picture in simple terms. CSC is the only utility coin i am invested in along BTC... Add to what you discussed the fact that one of the next big things CSC will be anouncing is a USD gateway.. CSC will be one of the very few coins that can be bought and cashed directly in USD, this means that truly casinocoin is NOT an altcoin.. its a utility coin built on an blockchain ledger , and yes despite it being on a controlled network of validators majorily owned by the foundation (which is only normal for it to be regulated) does not stop it from being 1 of the top crypto coins in the coming few years... All these sell walls are going to history.. 200x is easily achievable once operator (microgaming as i anticipate ) gets rolling