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  1. BCRevolution

    CSC to the Nano Ledger

    For my own benefit, this was the first thing I did before transferring the majority of my stash over. Of course, I reset the nano and regenerated a new seed as the first test run seed was then potentially compromised. As far as making a YouTube video..dear lord...no. I'm just a lurker on this forum even. I'm not here to hold your hand. I've offered some facts surrounding the strengths and weaknesses of using a BIP39 compliant secure element device like a Nano, but I'm not going to force you to get one. Do whatever you want with your DAs, I really could not care less, just don't spread false information. Thanks.
  2. BCRevolution

    CSC to the Nano Ledger

    1) The private key is stored on the secure element on the Nano. It does not leave the device. 2) Ledger can go out of business tomorrow, shut their doors, shut down their systems, get hacked - all of the above. Your crypto is safe. 3) if you lose your Nano, you can restore access to your funds using any BIP39 compliant wallet and your seed. The benefits of a Ledger over paper? 1) if someone finds or steals my ledger, they need my pin to do anything with it. If they have my paper wallet, I'm screwed. 2) If there's a fire or other disaster, I can recover my ledger using the seed to any number of hard or soft wallets of my choosing. My paper wallet is gone forever. 3) Since my private key is never revealed even to me and remains on the secure element of the device, it is not possible for a hacker to gain access to my funds if my PC or network is compromised. All I have to do is enter my paper wallet into a soft wallet on my PC once and that paper wallet is no longer secure. You would be correct, however, in pointing out the Achilles heel of the Ledger is the seed. This is mitigated, however, as the seed is generated offline, so it is at the very least as secure as a knowledgeable person setting up a paper wallet. You can further secure the seed using something like a cryptosteel and dropping it in a safe deposit box. Now you have access to your crypto via a secured protected device (Nano) and have recoverability in the event of loss theft, damage, or Ledger going out of business (BIP39 seed on cryptosteel).
  3. BCRevolution


    I look forward to those days..something tells me 2019 is going to be one hell of a year...
  4. BCRevolution


    ef me, I was just starting to become happy with my stack..now I'm not even sure it qualifies to be referred to as a "stack" anymore..
  5. BCRevolution


    I just can't get on board with Tron, despite my best efforts. I've had a few positions in it but I always end up dumping it. I suppose my issue is with Tron leadership mostly, but I also just don't see what's so..unique?..about TRX..I am certain I am missing something, but for now, my only BHODLs are XRP and CSC.
  6. BCRevolution


    Exactly this. They've pretty much come out and said it. Focus is on BRM and partnerships. Exchanges cost too much money to get listed on, will only be good for generating temporary hype, and only drive speculation as opposed to the core use-case. The team is still building the foundation. Now's the time to accumulate before the hype train takes off on its own (assuming you believe in the team's ability to execute, of course).
  7. BCRevolution

    EOY 2018

    Well, I couldn't help myself. Doubled my stack earlier today at 7 sats. Still nowhere close to some of you guys, but I'll get there..I'll get there..
  8. BCRevolution

    Roll Call - CarloRossi in Attendance

    Appreciate you guys setting this up, awesome to have not one but TWO places to read content posted by crazy people.. 😅