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  1. NKHund

    Hello everybody

    Welcome!! Glad to have ya!
  2. That's just @Zenkert weekly buy. Nothing to look at there
  3. HERE WE GOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!! ..... ok not quite yet but i'm sure it'll be soon right???
  4. Some bigger buys happening at 7 sats... Saw a few over a million just today on STEX. Hopefully it's a sign of good things to come!
  5. Probably both happen at the same time in 2023. 😄
  6. Congrats @LeGonze!! Now I need to spam posts to catch you guys in Bronze!! 😛 Gonna be a like-whore for a while
  7. I just buy at market price when I have BTC or XRP to move into CSC. 4 sat 5 sat 6 sat doesn't matter when we start running... A buy at 10 sats and sell at 500 sats will still be great profit 😛
  8. NKHund

    Average Buying Price

    Somewhere between 6-7 sats. My first 2 big buys up in the double digits set me back some 😛 I made up for it somwhat in the 4-5 sat range
  9. NKHund

    Get FREE XLM

    Did this the other day and got my 120k CSC in just a few minutes work. Another 7 figures being moved to storage shortly
  10. Thanks guys! We have faith!!
  11. NKHund

    CAN THE BRM be released already

    I would rather wait a little bit longer and have it come out bug-free and 100% reliable then have it come out rushed and people lose faith in it while the bugs are worked out.. Patience 😛
  12. NKHund


    Taking this as an amazing buying opportunity!
  13. NKHund


    Hi friend! @CSC_Legend