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  1. NKHund

    CSC ROI 2019 better than XRP

    Saw that on discord and cried a little bit inside. 😛
  2. NKHund

    CSC ROI 2019 better than XRP

    That being said I am NOT sure enough to move all of my XRP into CSC and then move it back to XRP. I may get sick if I tried to do that 😛
  3. NKHund

    CSC ROI 2019 better than XRP

    CSC ROI will be higher in 2019, but I think XRP ROI will be higher in 2020.
  4. You've got one too many 0's in the 0.0025 but other then that it's a great piece! HODL FOR DEAR LIFE!!!!! 😛
  5. NKHund

    I blame the zerpening

    Glad to have ya! Many of us have come due to the zerpening!
  6. NKHund

    CasinoCoin Rankings

    Bahahahaha right!!
  7. Yes I think so.
  8. NKHund

    Top 1000 Accounts

    Some people are very competitive (like me) and like to see where they stack up. It makes me want to buy more, but I also know my limitations and my goals so I will not blindly just throw money at it to move up the ranks 😜
  9. NKHund

    TRX -> CSC

    I moved 40k TRX over at 7 sats just before the boom. I recommend doing the same before the next boom.
  10. NKHund

    4K of CSC for nothing

    Errrrrr, the prize is you send me 420,420 CSC 😄
  11. NKHund

    Welcome new members!

    What's good fella's!
  12. NKHund


    Welcome! Glad to have you around
  13. NKHund

    New Exchange - Bitrue

    He's been asking that question for months. I assume a troll.
  14. NKHund

    4K of CSC for nothing

    Thank you my dear BULL-ish friend
  15. NKHund

    4K of CSC for nothing

    Sent to @BenchMarc