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  1. NKHund

    0.006 EOY

    But I think it'll go far passed this.
  2. NKHund

    0.006 EOY

    Honestly, give me .05 and I would be happy with my ROI.
  3. NKHund


    Before the swap.
  4. BRB lemme go learn how to do this computer programmy thingymajiggy stuff!
  5. NKHund


    https://cointelegraph.com/news/only-promising-coins-no-listing-fees-project-to-build-the-most-secure-crypto-exchange ‘Only Promising Coins, No Listing Fees’: Project to Build the Most Secure Crypto Exchange
  6. NKHund

    Size Of Your HODL - POLL

    Direct purchases with credit/debit card
  7. NKHund

    The World of CasinoCoin

    Me tooooooooooo! I sooooo want it!!!!!!
  8. I would like to know this too. I would LOVE to test it out!
  9. NKHund

    Binance Listing !

    But when Binance? 😛
  10. NKHund

    Free Fallin Today

    I'll survive!
  11. NKHund

    Name the smallest part of CSC

    Terd or Turd?? 😄
  12. NKHund

    The World of CasinoCoin

    @Ermac NO LAUGHING! ^