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  1. According to CMC : CSC All time low - $0.000114 CSC bottomed in mid 2019 when the market was at its lowest in its current cycle. CSC still hasn't reached it previous ATH since 2018- $0.003446 the first surge in price which occurred in only month moving the price from near ATL of $0.000125 - to $0.001136 ( arpox) That's around 800% gain within the space of 1 month nearly. After that surge CSC did correct however kept strong support above $0.000224 Refusing to break bellow this support it bounced back from $0.000224 to $0.001519 Again from previous ATL to ATH of this surge in Jan that's a 1115% gain. From this second surge CSC has found new support levels. Recently it has been trading between $0.000310 - $0.000568 I'm not expert but IMO CSC needs to break above these short term targets $0.000600 - $0.000900 & $0.001070 Before looking bullish again. Now its important to remember the main factors that currently drive the price is speculative investors like you and me, of course history has shown this alone is enough for volatility and huge gains in a fairly quick manner. 6 months through 2020 I think CSC has be quietly working hard behind closed doors, lots of new partnerships and Online casino coming very soon and more companies ready to adopt and use this technology. Now this is where things get interesting from ATH in 2018 to lets say $0.01 a penny per CSC $0.003446 - 0.010000 = 190% that's only 190% which is pretty minimal compared to previous surges. Now that's from ATH price of CSC what about from previous surge in Jan 2020 From $0.001519 to 0.010000 = 558% How about to 0.10 cents ? From previous ATH 0.001519 to 0.100000 = 6483% From ATH $0.003446 to 0.100000 = 2801% How about 0.50 cents? From previous ATH $0.001519 to 0.500000 = 32816% From ATH $0.003446 to 0.500000 = 14409% How about $1 ?? From previous ATH $0.001519 to $1 = 65732% From ATH $0.003446 to $1 = 28919%
  2. Hopefully Binance adds CSC soon that would be great they have a info page of their website since 2017 https://info.binance.com/en/currencies/casinocoin
  3. These are just the ones we know about there’s many projects yet to be revealed
  4. CSC is far more superior tech than Funfair I’m sure they know it by now, maybe they’re joining forces for to create one big online regulated gaming blockchain services with CSC
  5. This is Huugge plus the close relationship The CasinoCoin foundation have with the Malta Gaming authority. BIG stuff coming CSC’s way in 2020 and beyond ! Fill your bags 🤩🤑
  6. Might as well hold that bag just to be safe ! I wouldn’t be buying CSC and other alts if I was so sure of XRP being successful
  7. XRP fanboys getting triggered ! I have a nice bag of XRP but it’s time to face reality that it’s a shitcoin and for now banks aren’t interested into using it !
  8. Bitcoin doesn’t have a 100 Billion supply with a company dumping it massive amounts every week ! Not to forget Jed who sells literally everyday !
  9. Nothing says it will ever reach that price again ! Moon boys been calling 589 and $10 in a week since 2017 yet it’s been the worst preform coin in the top ten for the last two years cause Ripple keep dumping and call it escrow sales !
  10. Says the dude with his username as “XRP to 50 dollars” yet it can’t even get past .50cents 😂
  11. 🤑1 mill at .10 & rest at $1 🤑 $1 CSC will come just HOLD if you believe in this project!
  12. We’re in sooo early I can see my own Transaction when I go check the ledger 😱
  13. Hey so I was thinking about applying to be a CRN I'm guessing there isn't that many since CSC is still a small project in its infancy overdue for lots of growth. I've not really heard any experiences of people using the CRN I'm kind of confused on how exactly it works and how much you can generally earn from the reward system and if its something worth looking into. I had a quick read on the CSC website and I think to be a CRN you're required 1 Million CSC and when 1,000 nodes are validated you receive your payout, sort of like mining. I love to hear some genuine experience of Community Relay Node contributors as I'd love to look more into CRN and maybe soon become one.
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