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  1. Hey so I was thinking about applying to be a CRN I'm guessing there isn't that many since CSC is still a small project in its infancy overdue for lots of growth. I've not really heard any experiences of people using the CRN I'm kind of confused on how exactly it works and how much you can generally earn from the reward system and if its something worth looking into. I had a quick read on the CSC website and I think to be a CRN you're required 1 Million CSC and when 1,000 nodes are validated you receive your payout, sort of like mining. I love to hear some genuine experience of Community Relay Node contributors as I'd love to look more into CRN and maybe soon become one.
  2. Unknown Revolver

    Genesis / ATH ?

    Makes sense now ! Thanks for the clarification
  3. Unknown Revolver

    Genesis / ATH ?

    How do you explain the video from 2013 then ?
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    Genesis / ATH ?

    Hey guys, So I heard about Casino Coin a few months ago through XRP on Twitter and decided to start investing after doing some research ,it seem like an awesome project with a huge amount of potential thanks to its utility and working with regulatory requirements. One thing I’m really confused about is when exactly did Casino Coin come to existence? Many exchanges and websites seem to point out that late 2017 early 2018 CSC was brought to existence which as you know was a time where Crypto had begun to gain a lot of attention world wide ! Although other websites seem to point that Casino Coin was first created as far back as 2013. XRP was a fresh new baby and up until recently I thought CSC was a fairly recent token. According to Coingeko in 2017 it reached a ATH of $ 0.53 cents, which seems very plausible but also means it’s dropped massively since which isn’t really convincing for a project. Also doing some digging on YouTube there’s this video from 2013 talking about how Casino Coin and BTC are both looking very bullish.Considering CSC had no ICO where is all this 2013 data coming from ?surely it would have way more exchanges if it existed since ? When is the actual date it was released and what exactly Is the ATH ?