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  1. .CrossingTheRubicon

    Here we go BTC is up

    Ahh that makes more sense. Thanks Ulysses.
  2. .CrossingTheRubicon

    Here we go BTC is up

    CSC is Casino Coin. Can't tell if this is a joke bc you are on cscchat.
  3. .CrossingTheRubicon

    Should be a new project any day now

    From the Malta Meeting Recap blog on September 17th.... "We hope to announce another project in the next month (don’t hold me to this – we don’t control that!)"
  4. They said: "We have not disclosed the news yet, so stay tuned."
  5. .CrossingTheRubicon

    What CSC needs right now

    5. I would also like Bitrue to list CSC on PowerPiggy as they said.
  6. .CrossingTheRubicon

    Question about Casino Coin history

    Any one know many coins there were in total prior to what it is currently? In those days it went up to .50¢ so it must have been a lot fewer. Thanks
  7. .CrossingTheRubicon

    Crypto winter survivors. Rumours – Blackmoon related to TON.

    How is this related to CSC? Isn't there a ton chat?
  8. When is Bitrue going to list CSC on PowerPiggy?
  9. .CrossingTheRubicon


    I'm hoping for a Draft Kings token.
  10. .CrossingTheRubicon

    Oliver Wu joins the Advisory Board

    All this good news and I'm scratching my head about why the price isn't going up. CSC is truly a best kept secret. Everyone will be kicking themselves when all this know-how takes this project to the next level.
  11. .CrossingTheRubicon

    CasinoCoin & FunFair ???

    So no Funfair partnership? Well at least there is still a clear partnership with Chiliz from looking at this picture. https://twitter.com/cryptodeej/status/1171374772292378624?s=19
  12. .CrossingTheRubicon


    Love this part.... "We were also hugely impressed by the CasinoCoin team, and its expertise across the field of gaming. We wanted our token to be hosted on a blockchain that is built specifically for this sector, and CasinoCoin fit the bill as the blockchain for gaming."
  13. .CrossingTheRubicon

    CasinoCoin & FunFair ???

    Very interesting indeed! Thanks! Who is the 2nd person in the picture?
  14. .CrossingTheRubicon

    CSC @ .005 EOY 2019?

    .10¢ by Monday
  15. .CrossingTheRubicon

    Vote for PowerPiggy Bitrue

    So who did they choose? I don't see any announcement.