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  1. So you're saying landbased..............
  2. https://casinocoin.org/board-of-advisors/
  3. oso

    Hot garbage

    You can have concerns, valid or not. The issue is when you post something like this. Its not the same.
  4. oso

    Hot garbage

    I'd actually like to hear what they have to say.
  5. 10 mil at 100 and first in line. Have been thinking about removing it too.
  6. oso

    Good Read

  7. oso


    It will work with custom tokens that will utilize the CSC network and use CSC as "gas"
  8. oso


  9. You'll only see mine split. No chance of selling. Doesn't make any sense.
  10. oso


    Give me a shout next time your up this way. I'm in St Charles.
  11. oso


    Do you live near Chicago?
  12. oso

    No volume

    I would say we're in an investment stage right now and once we have real use and value you will start to see the trading volume. Bigger exchanges will come. Its already been discussed. Use case will give us leverage with the larger exchanges listing fees.
  13. I'm impatient. Bought into the 7s. If you've been around for at least a year you can sense things are starting to happen. More people joining up, sandbox about to start.....just lots of positive energy. My point is grab while you can. This price will be a distant memory in 2 months.
  14. I argue that because 100 wallets own 80% you would be more likely to see liquidity sooner than later. They'd be more likely to let coins go at a lower valuation. That being said this whole thing will sort it self out with release of the BRM and sandbox. Things will move quickly after that. Personally my only sell right now is 10 million at 100 sats and I don't plan on anything cheaper than that. There are quite a few in front of me though and I'm sure as we see true value rise the wallets will start to even out.