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    Good Read

  2. oso


    It will work with custom tokens that will utilize the CSC network and use CSC as "gas"
  3. oso


  4. You'll only see mine split. No chance of selling. Doesn't make any sense.
  5. oso


    Give me a shout next time your up this way. I'm in St Charles.
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    Do you live near Chicago?
  7. oso

    No volume

    I would say we're in an investment stage right now and once we have real use and value you will start to see the trading volume. Bigger exchanges will come. Its already been discussed. Use case will give us leverage with the larger exchanges listing fees.
  8. I'm impatient. Bought into the 7s. If you've been around for at least a year you can sense things are starting to happen. More people joining up, sandbox about to start.....just lots of positive energy. My point is grab while you can. This price will be a distant memory in 2 months.
  9. I argue that because 100 wallets own 80% you would be more likely to see liquidity sooner than later. They'd be more likely to let coins go at a lower valuation. That being said this whole thing will sort it self out with release of the BRM and sandbox. Things will move quickly after that. Personally my only sell right now is 10 million at 100 sats and I don't plan on anything cheaper than that. There are quite a few in front of me though and I'm sure as we see true value rise the wallets will start to even out.
  10. oso

    5000 CSC Giveaway!

    Hey, that's my birthday! $0.002589
  11. oso

    ASG Blockchain

    I guess I should've addressed this a little better. Direct from foundation member when I was talking to him about ASG, "We have to rebrand crypto Gaming services because the word crypto is like death." There's a stigma around crypto and therefore having "crypto" in your business name is not a good decision. The custom tokens will not compete with CSC. In these cases, think of CSC in the same way ETH is used as gas on its network. Our technology is legit and there's value outside of gaming. Again, from my conversation, I'm told most of custom tokens developed will be used outside of gaming. No interpretation here. This is direct. @Zenkert I know the waiting sucks but this horse hasn't even left the gate yet. We're almost at the start and I expect to be in a full on sprint within 6 months. Going to be a hell of a ride.
  12. oso

    ASG Blockchain

    LOL. Sorry I'll try to explain better later. I'm heading out now. But short answer is it's a good thing.
  13. oso

    ASG Blockchain

    My understanding is the only reason it was rebranded is because good luck right now business wise when having the word "crypto" in your name (banks etc). Also allows the team to implement custom tokens for Casinos (NO, not to compete with CSC but think branded token used as a rewards within the casino brand). So think if maybe they (Casino) doesn't want to implement CSC just yet at least we have a foot in the door. AND, CSC will be used as gas. More use cases.
  14. oso

    WorldPay or Skrill

    Unibet uses skrill so.....skrill. Also https://business.financialpost.com/pmn/press-releases-pmn/business-wire-news-releases-pmn/skrill-wallet-users-can-now-instantly-buy-and-sell-cryptocurrencies make sure you read the "Notes to Editors"