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  1. No need to help me in my investment, already did that. Just had some questions and concerns that would fit a chat site, but no one's willing to help with that either it seems and apparently you already know it all. Found more willing people and better resources for that, thanks for all the help and education.
  2. Thanks you for your honest education! Tells a lot about your own intelligence.
  3. Did some more BRM research and now slowly understand a bit more about this in relation to CSC.
  4. Did you also research that? I did. The website doesn't answer the use case question for the crypto asset token CasinoCoin CSC - only that it's blockchain can be utilized by other branded tokens and that transactions on it need to be paid with CSC, well those costs are close to zero so as an investor that has little to none value. Read this: https://casinocoin.org/tokens/ Did you invest in the CSC token? And how do you believe any value rise will come with $CSC? Maybe I just don't see it but then please explain with a real answer and not an url.
  5. Will CSC ever be used as coin/token or is this all some kind of way to just raise money and in fact it is just the blockchain which will be utilized by others with their own tokens/coins and nothing more?! Did find that transactions need to be paid with CSC, but that is almost nothing per transaction.
  6. Thanks, you mean this article, correct? https://ibb.co/SRNy0HG https://ibb.co/jZ5nWH0 Read it but that doesn't mention anything about CSC or any related things. UPDATE: found the advertorial further on in the magazine: https://ibb.co/tMrJX9p After reading that I am even more confused about what the CasinoCoin asset itself will actually do and why one should buy it. Apparently Cammegh will launch its own token and that will be using the CasinoCoin blockchain - that has nothing to do with CSC's token itself as far as I now understand. The article even mentions that potential partners can utilise the CasinoCoin technology giving it control over their own branding, token supply and token environment. Maybe I don't understand - then please tell me: where and when does the CasinoCoin token CSC come into play (the digital asset which I and others invested in or are encouraged to do so on Twitter). Will it ever be used as a coin/token or is this all some kind of way to just raise money and in fact it is just the blockchain which will be utilised by others with their own tokens/coins and nothing more?! @Mr X: your initial post says: "Now if Phase 3 is what I think it is. The implementation of CSC in to land based casinos, And using CSC to gamble in land based casino’s. " What if this will not happen and only the blockchain is used, what's the use in owning CSC for investors?
  7. Any thoughts on how this may look in reality? Instead of physical chips .... using digital CSC at the table, via an app or so?
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