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  1. I find it completely and utterly hilarious that ppl get upset with how Ripple is utilizing/selling/distributing its XRP holdings. Ripple has always been clear that it would utilize its XRP holdings to build out the RippleNet ecosystem, xRapid platform, and xPring initiatives. Ripple doesn't owe any XRP holder anything!! Ripple is not in the business of making you rich. Ripple's loyalty is to its investors, partners, and customers. You know, those private equity holders of the Series A/B stock, RippleNet members, and xPring participants. Nowhere in the equation exists the retail XRP investor. It's high time people accept responsibility for their investment decisions. You chose to purchase XRP of your own free will, remember that. Just because your ROI didn't pan out the way you wanted it to isn't the fault of Ripple. It's how the cookie crumbles. This is an extremely volatile and nascent market place with many ups and downs and periods of growth and stagnation. XRP is an agnostic utility token used as a bridge-asset for cross-border/domestic payments, owning XRP gives you no rights or ownership in the private company Ripple. Yes, you may have purchased XRP via exchanges in hopes that the value would rise as more and more banks and FIs begin to utilize xRapid for liquidity, however, this is pure speculation and betting on your part as a holder of XRP. As an XRP holder, you are just along for the ride. Ripple is following its plan to ensure its success. If that plan ends up making the retail XRP investor money along the way then it's a plus, but that is not guaranteed. With that being said, the top executives from Ripple know that in order for Ripple's vision to come to fruition the price of XRP needs to appreciate because it helps their overall strategy and plan. So, they are acutely aware of the need and importance to have XRP's price increase. Stop blaming a company that didn't promise you riches in the first place for your decisions. Grow and Man up!! Take ownership/responsibility for your actions!!!
  2. It's getting some good movement today on Bitrue!!! Glad I found this "Diamond-in-the-Rough" a few months back. I will say that I was very skeptical of CSC initially. I'm not really into Poker/Casinos per se, however, after I looked into the platform and did a bit of research into the industry and the players involved with the CSC foundation, I became very intrigued. CSC reminds me of XRP with respects to how undervalued the token is currently. A lot has to do with the fact that CSC foundation is relatively small at the moment. However, as they begin to scale the organization, onboard new partners, and are listed on other exchanges, this gem won't be hovering around $0.001c for long. It's almost like me getting into XRP when it was around $0.006c way-back in the day. Can't wait to hear more from the team and see how this platform transitions over time.
  3. King34Maine

    CasinoCoin Bank Roll Manager

    I guess that's why they call it gambling. You are never promised a win or gain irrespective of CSC coin conversion etc.
  4. King34Maine

    Use Case Question - Price Related

    The volatility also adds another layer of suspense, depth, and intrigue when gambling. Especially since you're not guaranteed that your CSC coin will be worth what it initially started out as when you want to cash back out into Fiat. I guess they could implement some sort of price-lock mechanism to lock-in a price once bets have been made.
  5. Quick question, seeing how CasinoCoin is a fork of the XRP-Ledger will you guys be able to incorporate/merge updates to CC consensus ledger when Ripple transitions from their current consensus algorithm to COBALT?