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  1. jasperlite

    Knife Pics

    Custom order skinner
  2. jasperlite

    Knife Pics

    Opus Severus
  3. jasperlite

    DYOR - By Jasperlite

    Have to make a correction, I misspoke when I said CSC was approved as currency by Malta. Malta has approved Crypto for use as currency, so while technically correct and CSC can be used as a currency Malta did not specifically mention CSC.
  4. jasperlite

    Few concerns about CSC

    These are all relevant questions. I would suggest that you split these into multiple threads so that the thread does not get to cluttered.
  5. The purpose for the sandbox testing is for the Malta govt to see Crypto in action and to make sure that they have the appropriate rules and regulations in place. Basically it's a forum for the lawmakers to see and experience how Crypto works so that they can make sure that it is safe and secure for use and to verify that it actually works as advertised. In the case of the BRM it allows lawmakers to see that the KYC, Anti Money Laundering, Geo locate and other features at work and then they can adjust the laws/regulations accordingly to make sure that peoples private information and money is secure. This also gives BRM developers a chance to get feed back and make tweaks to the software to address any issues that pop up.
  6. jasperlite

    CSC Challenge Coin Review

    Not about fitting in it's a different approach. I like the clean look of Rogier's CSC coin. It is simple elegance. So they are on different ends of the spectrum. Edited: Rogier's has more of a currency look, which I like.
  7. CasinoCoin Challenge Coin What is a Challenge Coin? Challenge coins were initially used by members of the military and their coin would signify the branch of service, and or their specific job Corpsman, Damage Control (fireman), Infantry, Ship stationed on, or base stationed at etc. The challenge coin has been adopted by many other professions now. Police, EMT, politicians, Blacksmith etc. Ultimately your challenge coin has to reflect who you are. There is even a challenge coin for the President of The United States. The purpose of the challenge coin is just that, to challenge. When out and about and you present your challenge coin to a group they are all supposed to present their coin as well. Whoever does not have a challenge coin has to buy that round drinks. Also you exchange challenge coins so that you can collect them as tokens of remembrance from the people that you meet in your travels. Now about the CSC Challenge coin. First thing you notice is the size. It is not too large or too small. As you can see in the pictures some challenge coins are obnoxiously large and impractical to carry around. The size is just about right to carry around and it is not too heavy. The black border really makes the red logo and white background pop. Having the card suits going around border is a nice touch. The enamel while not a baked enamel does have a good feel and looks like would hold up well to use. The red is a little too orange. Was not able to tell if it is solid brass, solid yellow metal or just a heavy plating. Did not want to file a notch in it to test. So only time will tell how the finish holds up. A solid 8 out of 10, because of the orangey red and some minor enamel smudges. Overall the look of the coin is eye catching and the weight/feel is just right for fidgeting with it at the poker table while contemplating a raise. This will definitely be a conversation (or a distraction) piece at the Table. I really like the way this coin feels in the hand. Disclaimer: I do not have any financial or otherwise stake in these coins and or the webstore that will be selling them. This merely my opinion. For additional details contact cscswag#8929 CSC Discord casinocoin.chat link to the CSC swag webstore will posted when it goes live. Here are some pics and an incredibly bad box opening video. Feel free to knock the video I know it's bad....
  8. jasperlite

    Updates to the site

    Is an Auction bot on the agenda???
  9. Here are a couple of links to look at Gambling #'s.. https://www.statista.com/topics/1053/casinos/ https://rubinbrown.cld.bz/RubinBrown-Gaming-Stats-2018/ii/
  10. Gambling Operator community is a very small, tight and competitive group. they are all constantly looking for an edge so if the single operator appears successful others will jump on so as not be left out. But reality is we don't need all of them or even most of them. Will only take a couple of tier 1 operators to launch the rocket. I hope I am right to. Sooner than later. My wife wants to retire now....
  11. jasperlite

    Knife Pics

    Set of skinning knives made from Mahogany, Maple, brass, mild steel, Ferrier's rasps and antler of 7 (one broken point) point buck shot by a friend of mine that wanted these to give to her husband and kids.
  12. Over the last year I have heard everyone talking about price predictions but for the most they have all been thinking traditional crypto which is driven only by the crypto community. The volume of transactions driven by daily use will be astronomical. CSC (and XRP too) will be setting the standard for what an Alt coin should be. The process of driving out all the #$^&^% coins has already started and what will be left are the coins that have a product service tied to them with a real world use solving a real world problem.
  13. jasperlite

    Knife Pics

    Railroad Spike Knives made form spikes used on the South Florida Railroad. You can walk the old unused tracks and still pick these up from the ground. These are hand forged then and heat treated with Brine quench (water and salts) due to the lower carbon content. They hold an edge reasonable well and are good for an all around shop knife, letter opener or just a conversation piece.
  14. jasperlite

    Knife Pics

    Pics of Knives I have made or admire.
  15. I am an apprentice with The American Bladesmith Association(members /schools all over the world). I'll be eligible to take the Journeyman tests in January. Here are the requirements. Apprentice Bladesmith: Join the ABA and pay your dues. 😉 Journeyman Bladesmith: 1. Apprentice member for 3 years 2. Make and present a test blade to a ABA Master Bladesmith. Blade requirements, maximum 15 inches long (including handle) and 2 inches wide and hand forged by the apprentice presenting for testing. No Damascus steel, or forge welded steel. 3. Blade must cut a 1 inch wide free hanging rope three times cleanly. 4. chop a 2x4 in half 2 times. 5. after #3 and #4 blade must cleanly shave hair on arm using the section of the blade that chopped the wood. 6. Blade is placed in a vice and is bent to a 90 degree angle. Blade cannot crack or break except for crack on edge side of blade that cannot extend more than 1/3 of way through. Master Bladesmith: 1. Journeyman member for 2 years. 2. Make and present a Test knife following same guidelines as Journeyman test knife except blade must be 300 layer Forge Welded Damascus. Blade must pass same tests as Journeyman tests. 3. Make and Present 5 master work knives to be judged by a panel of 3 Mastersmiths. 4. One of the blades must in the style of a Quilon Dagger and meet the following requirements: “The blade of this dagger must be forged of pattern-welded Damascus steel of the applicant’s making and must consist of at least 300 layers in construction in any pattern except a random pattern. Twists, ladder patterns and mosaic patterns are all encouraged, but be sure that there is at least one section visible which the judges can ascertain that the blade meets the 300-layer minimum. The blade is the only portion of the dagger which is required to be made of Damascus steel, though Damascus is certainly permitted in the hardware of the handle. The blade must be a minimum of 10 inches in length from guard to tip. The blade must be ground in either a double flat grind (diamond cross-section) or double hollow-ground and must be straight, symmetrical, and contain no flaws or cold shuts. The handle also has some requirements. Its length should be appropriate for the blade, and should be made of the very best materials you can afford. The more salient requirements are as follows: The handle must be inlaid with a twisted wire wrap, set to a depth of one half its (the twisted wire’s) diameter. The handle must also be fluted for most of its length between the strands of twisted wire. The strands of twisted wire must show the same degree of twist for all. Flutes should be crisp, distinct, and well-finished. The spacing and depth for wires and flutes must also be even and uniform. The wire is not to be glued to the handle and must stay firmly in place, though the hidden ends of the wire can certainly be anchored in any appropriate manner. The rules currently do not specify that the wire and flutes must be spiraled around the handle and we do see some with the wire/flutes running parallel with the handle. With either method, it is recommended that the handle have a minimum of four strands of twisted wire, with appropriate flutes between.”