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  1. FlyingFox

    Testnet Faucet and Testnet Explorer

    Ignore my request - found the automated bot on Discord. Thanks anyway
  2. FlyingFox

    Testnet Faucet and Testnet Explorer

    @Daniel Keller Hi Daniel - the testfaucet address is giving 502 Bad Gateway. I'm looking for 3 accounts with some test CSC. Could you oblige? If the 3 addresses above can be reactivated, all the better. Many thanks
  3. FlyingFox

    Bitrue CSC deposit time

    Be aware that the withdrawal fee at Bitrue for CSC is: 200 CSC! Others: NLexch: 10 CSC Stex: 30 CSC Nuex: 0 CSC (free to withdraw)
  4. FlyingFox

    CSC Temporary Disabled at NUEX

    @Daniel Keller Daniel, do you have any information on why the exchanges have all frozen CSC trading today?
  5. FlyingFox

    Sell me on the project

    Your BTC deposit is probably credited to your account at the operator you are gambling with, to ensure you don't get bored waiting and go off to do something else while you wait! The operator takes the risk that the BTC is on it's way to them eventually through the blockchain - but if you actually check the blockchain for your deposit, it won't have been processed to their address in "a min or 2 tops". BTC doesn't work like that. The operator doesn't particularly care - it knows it is likely to get processed to them in the blockchain eventually - and in the meantime, if you win big, you can bet they won't release your winnings to you for withdrawal until your deposit has truly arrived anyway! There is a risk to the operator that the BTC never arrives, of course... Enter CSC and the BRM. Solves all the above operator risks, and truly allows instant deposit (credited on the ledger in seconds) and instant withdrawals (credited again in seconds), all without any operator "processing" time ("upto 48 hours to process" - really?), because KYC & AML is already complete and your actual deposit has been verified received in the first place.
  6. FlyingFox

    Testnet Faucet and Testnet Explorer

    @Daniel Keller Hi Daniel, I'm trying to request some tCSC from the TestFaucet page above, but on clicking Receive the page is generating an error in the console in the clickSpin function. Perhaps you could investigate, and/or provide some test CSC to the following addresses for me: csMJqyT1VrwxZefez4cRd3Nbt9WWHotBwn chRVWqXSXf4EKBNvHRZgo931KvpkWtU5N5 cfBuR5nhtVMq9Mj7xvoEjD1o6iep3iTJiD Many thanks!
  7. FlyingFox

    CasinoCoin Explorer

    @Zenkert What are you on about? This is the ledger explorer, the official source of who-holds-what. It's the only place to properly verify your CSC transactions have gone through as intended. It runs on the same ledger API as is available for any app to use, and is hosted as part of the CasinoCoin foundation website. I'm not quite sure what point you are trying to make with your statements. Perhaps you can clarify?
  8. Interesting article! https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/business-46289499
  9. FlyingFox

    Oops, Android Phone Wiped... Help?

    @Daz I’m not overly familiar with the CasinoCoin wallet software myself and am developing my own to manage XRP and CSC assets together. But I’ll take another look in the coming days and see what I can find out about the process.
  10. FlyingFox

    Will BRM wallet buy CSC via exchanges?

    @Daniel Keller How does the fiat that the payment processor takes from the sandbox customer get transformed into CSC? Behind the scenes, is it being bought direct from the foundation, or via a BRM-approved exchange? What price does the customer get for the CSC he is buying this way (ie. who sets the price)? Thanks
  11. FlyingFox


    STEX has 0.05% trading fee, which equates to the difference you mention.
  12. FlyingFox


    Why are they not listed? They should be! Currently it's just STEX and BitFlip, both do poor volumes. NLexch has CSC/BTC - any idea why that's not listed there yet? It was established in the pairing earlier than STEX was.
  13. FlyingFox

    CSC to the Nano Ledger

    While it is true that the Ledger devices do not reveal your secret keys, you can access your digital assets on another local wallet without it (XRP at least). I and many others do so as a “backup” to the Nano S failing and not being able to get hold of another one in sufficient time. I simply use Ian Coleman’s BIP39 tools to enter my 24 words and choose the digital asset I want access too. I then use the Private Key it reveals (not the same as the secret key) to sign my offline transactions as I require in tools such as RippleRM wallet. All offline on a safe computer, of course! Given CSC ledger is built on the same principles and codebase as XRP ledger, you can do the same for CSC too, albeit there is no Nano S support for CSC right now. I’m working on such a tool that allows the above but for CSC and XRP together. So while you may not get your secret key from a Ledger device, you can nevertheless perform operations on your assets independently of the device itself, so long as you know your 24 words. Magic.
  14. FlyingFox

    NLexch performance and issues

    Not used it myself yet but their News and Announcements box (2nd column on page right below the chart) says: "* You can withdraw CSC & XRP funds from exchange to Destination Tag wallet now" which would suggest you can do as you describe.
  15. FlyingFox

    Get your funds off of Cfinex!

    As previously mentioned, the other exchange option (Bitflip) charges 500 CSC withdrawal fee. NLexch's 10 CSC withdrawal charge is more than made up for by their 0% trading fees (at the moment, watch this space!) Out of interest, CFinex charged 0.1 CSC withdrawal not so long ago (July). Went up to 1 CSC in August (my experience)