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  1. As far as I know, if you send a Ripple coin to another Ripple Coin's address it will convert the one coin to the other... The Ripple Coins supported by CoinPayments are: Ripple XRP 0.50% 30 0.00005495 Bitcoin BTC.Bitstamp 0.50% 30 1.00000000 Canadian Dollar CAD.Bluzelle 0.50% 30 0.00013629 Euro EUR.Bitstamp 0.50% 30 0.00020621 British Pound GBP.Bitstamp 0.50% 30 0.00023900 United States Dollar USD.Bitstamp 0.50% 30 0.00018485 And if a "Ripple Fork" is actually a real Ripple coin I think you should waste no time in getting supported by CoinPayments. I believe, if everything seems up-and-up to CoinPayments, there is a simple one-time $25 fee to help avoid spamming the CoinPayments platform. PS: The .5% refers to the only cost for CoinPayments and this cost is ONLY for merchants...it is a deposit fee. I am not a merchant and CoinPayments has always been free for me. Except if you use their exchange feature which actually uses ShapeShift.
  2. I had the key exported and I swear it deleted itself after installing windows. Next I was unable to find the .keys file under the "Windows.old/users/user/documents" directory and I was pretty sure the .keys file used to be there... I was able to find that the data under windows.old/users/{username.}/.casinocoin had the data I needed and under appdata/casinocoin wallet the program was located. I was able to copy the contents of both these directories over to the new users/ folder and VIOLA upon opening the casinocoin program it asked me if I wanted to open my wallet. Of course I had my password though I also have the "password recovery phrase" which I originally had thought would work for the .keys file. Once again I must say not only did I export the keys file I also had copied it to another flash drive (I was not so worried about the wallet being stolen -- just "lost"). Also I wonder why the .keys file was also gone from the windows.old directory....I just now checked my "new" documents directory and there it is, a file that looks like my .keys file...hmm it is dated 4/20 though perhaps I should be careful that it is not an old file.... anyway I seem to see the CSC I had before though I do not know if this is in a "syched" state or not. Is it possible that this data is not up-to-date with the CSC blockchain? [EDIT] I do seem to have the CasinCoin; though I was going to attempt to send some off to a mobile wallet and I ended up giving up since the CasinCoin wallet would not scan the barcode provided by the app. I actually thought I had typed in the Mobile Wallet's address correctly but I guess I messed up...