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  1. Hashish

    2020 Year of CasinoCoin ?

    Totally agree. I think that we see a move by the EOY and then 2020:
  2. Hashish

    Daily sports plays..

    UFC Fight Night 155 Ryan Hall -115 If you've never seen this guy fight, tune in to watch a true Brazilian jiu-jitsu wizard at work.
  3. Tough to believe after everything we've learned about CasinoCoin since this thread started that we're here again. It makes me wonder why. It also makes me think what an incredible buying opportunity! I am ecstatic about getting them at 7 yesterday when I think about where we will likely be by the end of the year.
  4. Hashish

    Daily sports plays..

    Women's World Cup USA!! USA!! -223
  5. Hashish

    Daily sports plays..

    UFC 239 Avila Chiesa Nunes
  6. Hashish

    Daily sports plays..

    Wimbledon Coco Gauff -165
  7. Hashish

    CasinoCoin Dot Connecting!

    It was fun watching this detective work play out on Discord.
  8. I'm guessing they have no idea what you are talking about, too. This site gets very little traffic about CSC. You're probably not going to get much response about some other random coin.
  9. Just can't help myself from thinking the nice gains are by EOY. It won't break my heart if they aren't too huge, but it seems like the next BTC wave is building. A rising tide lifts all boats. With the BRM due to go live by EOY along with the additional token announcements, it seems to me that we all will have a Merry Christmas. Now, the spectacular gains might wait until 2020 or beyond.
  10. Hashish

    Daily sports plays..

    UFC on ESPN 3 Dalcha Lungiambula -310 If you can get him inside the distance, go that way. My book doesn't have it on this fight. Looks like it is about -160 right now at the books that have it.
  11. Hashish

    Daily sports plays..

    Women's World Cup France v. USA Alternative Total Over 1.5 -277
  12. BTC is fracking flying! Almost thinking about starting to buy it instead of CSC now that my bags are full. Maybe 50/50. Nah, whom I kidding? CSC all the way, baby! The ROI is:
  13. Hashish

    Just for fun, first crazy thing you'll buy?

    Username checks out.