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  1. Hashish

    Cammegh Token now listed

    Any idea when it will go live?
  2. Hashish

    Vote for PowerPiggy Bitrue

    Did it twice!
  3. Hashish

    New CasinoCoin Presentation

    Wow! Very in-depth and thoughtfully laid-out presentation.
  4. Hashish

    Community Relay Nodes/ Community experiences ?

    I can't wait to get my own node!
  5. I would punch myself in the nuts if I spent $300 a month on coffee!
  6. Hashish

    Daily sports plays..

    Max "Blessed" Holloway -357
  7. Hashish

    Daily sports plays..

    UFC 240 Viviane Araujo -190
  8. Hashish


    Welcome from Member #420!
  9. Hashish

    Daily sports plays..

    Dana White's Tuesday Night Contenders Series Week 5 Terrance McKinney -265
  10. Hashish

    Daily sports plays..

    UFC on ESPN 4 Greg Hardy -105
  11. Hashish

    2020 Year of CasinoCoin ?

    Totally agree. I think that we see a move by the EOY and then 2020:
  12. Hashish

    Daily sports plays..

    UFC Fight Night 155 Ryan Hall -115 If you've never seen this guy fight, tune in to watch a true Brazilian jiu-jitsu wizard at work.
  13. Tough to believe after everything we've learned about CasinoCoin since this thread started that we're here again. It makes me wonder why. It also makes me think what an incredible buying opportunity! I am ecstatic about getting them at 7 yesterday when I think about where we will likely be by the end of the year.
  14. Hashish

    Daily sports plays..

    Women's World Cup USA!! USA!! -223