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  1. great volume!!!! Let's see were we go with Bitrue!!!
  2. CSC to 50 cents ..... And I will be a happy sheldon
  3. CSC symbol is in the wall. All my favorites are in the wall. But XRP is near my heart 🙂
  4. New pair NUEX CSC/DOGE... Do you have DOGE? Now is the time to convert ir to CSC
  5. I wish a fantastic year for all of us and Casino Coin!!! May 2019 be the year of BRM
  6. 209.12933718 more precisely 🙂
  7. Still there, It don't look very nice now. But I have pacience 🙂 Thats one thing that I learn with crypto in 2018. I have a nice stash of chips already! So if this 4 sats enter, probably my daughters will have a poney in 3 years 🙂 or a Unicorn if when we moon 🙂
  8. Nice!!! I'm waiting for a order in STEX at 4 sats... Hope it passes this week 🙂
  9. Thanks! Updated the logo in my avatar also 🙂
  10. For CSC ... Wait a couple more years. Buy more and become a Shark ... maybe a whale.... or a krakeeeeeeeeennnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn
  11. CSC is at tis time glued to BTC, but soon it will be released. Lets wait to BRM !!!!! XRP is this days decoupling from BTC, CSC will have the same great rise.
  12. Yes.... But I would love to be a Shark before the pump !!
  13. They are nice and wait for us to fill the bags.... But hurry, it will be over for this prices
  14. My 4 stats buy order just passed in STEX !!
  15. He is bigger than a whale.... He is a Kraken
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