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  1. Matt


    You can't yet - only XRP or BTC I believe. With more exchange listings hopefully a USD pairing will appear in the near future though.
  2. Yep, definitely legit app. No, i've not bothered with having the same one on multiple devices. I was following everything exactly as instructed. Similarly I couldn't import the wallet created on the mobile app into the desktop version either. I'll put my question to the people of Discord, as @crypto2libertas said to do.
  3. Thanks I'll try to get on there tomorrow and see if someone can assist.
  4. I'm literally going insane here I think. I'm trying to add the wallet from my desktop to my mobile app. I'm clicking 'add existing account', filling in the secret, address and the passphrase used on the desktop app but it just pops up with "Error. Your passphrase was entered incorrectly. Note you cannot use a recovery phrase here." 1. I am NOT entering my recovery phrase, i'm entering the password I use to access my wallet on the desktop (that is the correct one, yes?) 2. Someone please assist before I go even more insane :) Thanks in advance!