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  1. Back2TF

    Livecoinwatch Showing CSC at Zero

    Saw Daniel posted explorer was going to be offline for a bit if that has an effect
  2. Back2TF

    Where can I buy CSC

    Hey welcome aboard! I know there’s been a great answer but I reply in regards to you looking on the casinocoin site for where to buy 😊 https://casinocoin.org/links/ this contains info if anyone else should need help in where to buy.
  3. Back2TF

    40 Billion Supply?

    Relative to the size of the gambling market.
  4. Back2TF

    Moataz aka Mo

    Hey mate
  5. Will be officially released in day or do after editing by the foundation.
  6. Skrill maybe, used a lot in uk online gambling.
  7. Back2TF

    CSC Tipbot

    Not sure if this has been mentioned, but there’s a tip bot for csc. https://csctipbot.com @Wenusch reminded me I made an instructional video for it a few month back too:
  8. As mod I can’t talk about price 😂That is I can’t talk figures. but I do hope and dream 😉
  9. I just keep loading more as I can I hit my target, and now buy while the sale is on
  10. Back2TF

    Promote CSC on XRP Based Exchanges

    The success of CSC could help crypto as a whole, and help show those doubters or perhaps nervous types that with time energy and resource crypto can be built with security built in, such as our KYC AML functions.
  11. 3 cents EOY will do me for an amazing start to 2019 lol oh and that’s not my guess, that’s me just going off the back of some guesses 😂
  12. Has to be and will be open discussion, not everyone will agree. But for sure anyone blatantly trolling or trying to get under anyone’s skin by being abusive etc will be dealt with for sure
  13. Back2TF

    Roll Call - CarloRossi in Attendance

    I’m here