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  1. BorisDollar

    An Interesting Start to CSC!

    I've not used Uphold before. Coinbase isn't necessarily the best in terms of fees. I usually use Wirex, its just that I already had Fiat in Coinbase to convert. I can't bring myself to convert XRP into anything! Feel like I need to hold every XRP I have, rather than convert it 🙂
  2. BorisDollar

    An Interesting Start to CSC!

    thank you. Joined the CSC server 🙂
  3. BorisDollar

    An Interesting Start to CSC!

    Clearly I should read all your messages properly! Intended on using STEX but ended up on NeEx (which was really easy actually). I think in total, from buying BTC at coinbase to withdrawing CSC from Nuex was about 15 minutes:-)
  4. BorisDollar

    An Interesting Start to CSC!

    Awesome, thanks. I'll get registered now and send some coins over. Will let you know how I get on tomorrow 🙂 Was sneakily hoping I was number 400 (or 500!) to sign up here! Would have been a nice start! Anyway, as you say its cheap to buy so looking forward to buying and holding. Where do you guys/girls store your CSC? On the app?
  5. BorisDollar

    An Interesting Start to CSC!

    Hello all. Just got around to signing up having followed CSC for a few months after a "tip" on an XRP forum. I'm fairly new to Crypto in general (1 year), but now holding a number of alt coins. I actually attempted to purchase CSC via Exrates.me about a month ago. Absolute disastrous experience and I'll certainly never use that exchange ever again. Lets say I got zero CSC as it was basically impossible to buy. Non-Stop "we are closed for maintenance" messages. I then gave up. But i'm back now, reading all your great posts and joining the community. I hope to buy CSC this week :-) Hoping someone can guide me on the easiest exchange to transfer crypto to at a reasonable speed, and then buy CSC without too many fees, and then be able to withdraw to a wallet. Will start at something small like £25 worth and then go up from there. Happy days!