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  1. 50centCSC


    I believe it will take some time to move. i know the brm launch is big but I really don't think that will move the needle that much. it won't necessarily bring in New people.. partnership announcements and successful sand box are the 2 things that ignite the flame.. everything else, brm, CRNs, exchange listing, marketing efforts, etc are the gasoline
  2. 50centCSC


    yeah def set 6.. it should fill.. i think we even see some 5s being filled over next few weeks. so some ppl might luck out and get some super cheapies
  3. I agree with this post 100%.. the 3 main reasons I love this project are 1st the fact they are using the best tech with xrp code. 2nd they have a legitimate use case with a decent sized target market. 3a- the team is about as strong and diverse as you can hope for. 3b- the team is approaching it the right way! nice reads
  4. 50centCSC


    heaven forbid if it dont work out.. i dont think u will be so jelly 😉
  5. 50centCSC


    not yet.. ☺
  6. 50centCSC


    welome aboard great to have ya!
  7. 50centCSC


    I just have a hunch we will see a chunk of the new money fomo back into xrp for the event.. so get your 5 sat orders placed 😎protect this house!
  8. 50centCSC


    tinfoil hat theory incoming.. we might experience some price turbulence in the next 3 weeks considering many of our recently expanded community is more than likely coming from xrp community.. and with swell approaching i could see ppl wanting more zerps during the run up to the event and think they have a decent chance the csc price remains stationary til they get back.. 🤔
  9. it will get there 😎 and I'll make a trip to the big island to enjoy a drink with ya on the beach!
  10. 50centCSC


    or his bacon stash
  11. 50centCSC


    maybe @honeybyte can override him? just a thought
  12. 50centCSC

    Few concerns about CSC

    there is a firechat they are hosting in malta soon.. make sure you submit any questions you have if the team doesn't respond here in your post
  13. 50centCSC

    Introductions..... Where's everyone from?

    welcome friend.. good to have you
  14. 50centCSC


    i saw that lol officer doofy pulled their 8 ask and dumped at 6... "SELL IT ALL IM BUSY CLEANING MY ROOM DONT BOTHER ME!"