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  1. I really don’t deserve that. You just do your thing and I’ll do mine. I still believe XRP has a very bright future and I stand by all my posts in XRP Chat. I’m going to ignore you now as you are not worth my time. I wish you well and I hope your investments succeed for you.
  2. Oh well you obviously know more than me. I will bow to your superior knowledge oh great one
  3. Wow a bit harsh. But please advise us oh enlightened one on what your believe our price to be
  4. Gees I think 10c is a real chance. We just need another crypto speculative bull run, which is way overdue, and utility coins like CSC will boom. Also during 2020 we will start to see utility volume kick in.
  5. What if I think it’s going to be greater than $0.03?
  6. Saw this on discord. Excellent questions and answers from the Foundation.
  7. Thanks. Good to know Just so you know I just created a new handle “Member 100 Million” Thanks.
  8. Welcome to CSCChat mate. Check out the pinned thread in the Price Speculation and Trading Club for details of all exchanges.
  9. What’s this? Sorry I’m out of the loop?
  10. Hey mate welcome to CSCChat. You are more than welcome
  11. I think as we have seen with the market lately that mining is a crap system for coins.
  12. Top right of screen. Click on 3 bats. Then click on envelope and send me a message. I’ll then know your XRPChat screen name.
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