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  1. Chewiecoin

    CasinoCoin Night Club

    Saw this on discord. Excellent questions and answers from the Foundation.
  2. Chewiecoin

    Member 500 welcome Bonus

    Thanks. Good to know Just so you know I just created a new handle “Member 100 Million” Thanks.
  3. Welcome to CSCChat mate. Check out the pinned thread in the Price Speculation and Trading Club for details of all exchanges.
  4. Chewiecoin

    Member 500 welcome Bonus

    What’s this? Sorry I’m out of the loop?
  5. Hey mate welcome to CSCChat. You are more than welcome
  6. Chewiecoin

    Top 100 Wallet Stranglehold

    I think as we have seen with the market lately that mining is a crap system for coins.
  7. Chewiecoin

    Average Buying Price

  8. Chewiecoin

    Average Buying Price

    Top right of screen. Click on 3 bats. Then click on envelope and send me a message. I’ll then know your XRPChat screen name.
  9. Chewiecoin

    Average Buying Price

    @LeGonze I don’t worry about price. I’m in it for the tech!!
  10. Chewiecoin

    So how is Casino Coin doing thus far?

    Hi mate. Send me a PM on XRPChat. Chewie
  11. $1 definitely of course it happens on a Chewsday!
  12. Chewiecoin


    This is for site owner @CarloRossi but agree
  13. Chewiecoin

    @admin change bronze award.

    @CarloRossi you around mate?