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  1. XRPtoCSC

    Just for fun, first crazy thing you'll buy?

    They were the magical years for manipulation and parabolic increase and decreases. Why? Few exchanges easy to manipulate as the ecosystem grows manipulation is harder, as institutions come online it will be harder for manipulation to occur. Yes, top 20 based off of Market Cap and worst performing due to the constant dumping by Ripple. Good 🙂
  2. XRPtoCSC

    Just for fun, first crazy thing you'll buy?

    It isnt 2013-2017 anymore. The more exchanges the less gross manipulation and this will continue to decrease. Asian markets have always loved LTC. Ripple sells more XRP daily to fund operations than xRapid settles daily. Galgitron tracker shows how little traction xRapid has after 8-9 months. A few thousand a day in USD is settled daily using xRapid abysmal imo. XRP is the worst performing coin in the top 20 coins this year (up 9% ytd) and that will not change. Ripple finally admitted "they" used false volume data to support their programmattic sales and now have readjusted. Even though many were saying that for 9 months + not to mention the space is getting tighter every week it seems. A new coin, new settlement agreement, new banking agreement happens using blockchain Ripple's window is closing, but they're dumping of XRP is just the "fair status quo that HODLers love" and now Jed is selling again 🙂 even David S. isn't a fan of HODLing in the real world CEO's buying their stock when they believe in it, but somehow in the world of crypto dumping most of the native coin your company supports is A-OKAY. Enjoy your XRP, but not me as of two weeks ago I own 0 and feel great about it. I see many here hype CSC on XRPchat, so many own both and love both. I think XRP is dilutive trash that will never catch on. Ripple will be fine as it continues to sell and grow xCurrent etc. with the endless cash supplied by dumping XRP. Back to CSC it is a huge gamble, but this is ground zero. I would gamble here 10x out of 10 before buying the dump coin XRP. So, in the end CSC yay XRP nay!
  3. XRPtoCSC

    Just for fun, first crazy thing you'll buy?

    People are mentioning a $1 and I'm thinking .01 would be pretty awesome given there was enough liquidity to exit lol. $1 would require multiple listing on big sites and some insane daily volume. XR "crap" can't even get to a dollar.
  4. Best exchange for CSC thanks for being there!!
  5. XRPtoCSC

    New Exchange - Bitrue

    Or XRP at $3.50 Ooooops more
  6. XRPtoCSC

    New Exchange - Bitrue

    The #XRParmy is strong here. I am no longer enlisted enjoy your deployment it will be many tours. I respect your opinion 🙂 I just don't agree at all, but I do hold a paltry pittance of a stack just in case it hits some crazy insane $10 coin price.
  7. XRPtoCSC

    New Exchange - Bitrue

    I will let XRP's performance over last 9 months speak for itself, increasing programmatic selling to fund operations even though Ripple said they would be cashflow positive a year ago, lack of any banks signing on just payment providers, abysmal volume in Xrapid in the thousands USD weekly, Brad's words of many banks by 2019 falling short again, Tiffany Hayden and her crew yet she is dating a Ripple employee, the Bob Way irony all of sudden why show up now on the biggest XRP forum, David selling his XRP (most of it), just smells funny. Best of luck to those that believe. I'll keep my small stack of XRP and couldn't be happier I sold all the rest. CSC looking good though 🙂 would have loved to pick up a few more million at .XX05-.XX06 satoshi.
  8. XRPtoCSC

    New Exchange - Bitrue

    XRP will not succeed too many skeletons. CSC has a better chance at phenomenal returns than almost any other coin imo.
  9. Lots of XRP love on CSC chat why I have no clue. I've been unloading that dead horse for 8 months now hold a small portion just in case, but doubt anything ever happens. Every month I pat myself on the back for a wise decision I hold 10% of what I did at my (I love XRP peak). CSC I'm getting there just hard with that huge spread and low volume. Targets? .01 here 🙂 and much more liquidity than we have now.
  10. ? Confused by this article Until CSC is trading in the millions of USD per day (regardless of coin price) it has not even partially arrived yet, imo.
  11. Ive bought now.......just crazy how little is traded. When the 24hr total days .40 BTC or 3 BTC you know you know HODL for a very longtime is in your future.
  12. XRPtoCSC


    Definitely need all the exchanges we can get. $966 TRADED IN 24hrs on NLexch. That is about as illiquid as you can get.
  13. XRPtoCSC

    Liquidity best way to buy?

    That would take awhile to fill at .00000006. only 2BTC available on NL or STEX right now. I will be buying tonight 😉 and then just disappear for a few years and hope for the best.
  14. XRPtoCSC

    Liquidity best way to buy?

    I registered for both STEX and NLexch and liked NLexch more waiting for my BTC confirmations to hit "who knows what number?" for funds to be available.
  15. Funny you are buying XRP and I'm selling some XRP to get into CSC just such low liquidity scares the tar out of me. These exchanges are a far cry from Coinbase Pro or Binance (imo).