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  1. XRP is utter complete unequivocal trash and nothing more than a tool to fund projects for Ripple at this point. No use case, MG is doing 90-110k a week in xRapid, volume on the ledger is weak, yet they dump, give, gift, donate, worse than Enron. XRP will be aub .20 by 2020 and management is selling daily!
  2. It isn't just Ripple dumping, it is the xPring projects that aren't even mandated to create projects that use XRP, it is the charitable gifts, the management team, and the JED. The number is definitely closer to 400-500 million a month. Look at the xPring projects objectively they are bleh, look at the 200+ partners most are shells with 20 or less employees doing what with XRP exactly, "How is Exim bank doing these days?" BTC is BTC it has 15-20x the volume of XRP and 70% market dominance. Do you see companies jumping to start XRP futures? Do you see people saying, "You are a idiot if you think XRP won't hit $5!" (unless a Youtuber). Yet, you will find many many of the premier players in crypto saying BTC will hit 50k or 100k. Market cap matters as someone said today on XRPCHAT. XRP is hated because who wants to make their management team even wealthier? Or corporation wealthier? This will not change. XRP's only shot is to get in with banking and remittance companies. I believe they will FAIL and keep changing , tweaking, giving away XRP, until someone or something sticks and then become that company. XRP already made all of them very wealthy and will continue to do so THEY HAVE 50 BILLION ++ LEFT TO DUMP.
  3. XRP wont see $2 in 5 years you cant dump 200-300 million coins a month, plus all the dumping by the charitable projects, xPring projects dumping, plus Chris, Jed, David, and Brad, plus the low level upper management dumping. The demand isnt there and the price doesnt need to be very high to work for non banking players. Ripple is desperate!
  4. XRPtoCSC

    Just for fun, first crazy thing you'll buy?

    XRP still underperforming I see no surprises there. CSC just waiting for growth .....BTC making money weekly to bi-weekly as usual.
  5. Let's track from today even Doggycoin will outperform dumpcoin. Just read this and try to defend Ripple and their line the pockets motives. https://www.xrpchat.com/topic/32246-xpring-invested-projects/page/7/
  6. XRP is complete trash! just follow Regalchicken's@Twitter or Yxxyun on Xrpchat.com to see the massive dumping by Chris Larson of Ripple or the countless projects funded by Ripple through the gifting of XRP. Yet those projects are dead, dont even mandate XRP usage, it was more like, "Here bro just do whatever!" Clovercoin dumping there 1.5 billion XRP too 877 million left. XRP will not overcome the dumping issue pick any other top 50 coin it will outperform XRP this year. In fact XRP is the only top 30 coin down in 2019. Every project is a joke and where is the transaction increase on the ledger? Whoops.....!! CSC just hodl and watch for growth it is truly in its infancy and should make for great gains 12 montha from now as long as they continue to move forward. Dozens of banks my arse lol pumper Brad, pumper Hodor, pumper Galgitron, etc etc.
  7. XRPtoCSC

    2020 Year of CasinoCoin ?

    Still no volume. When a coin is trading less than 50k USD a day it is practically illiquid. I don't have a time frame as long as there is growth in the project if that ceases than I will start to get worried.
  8. XRPtoCSC

    Just for fun, first crazy thing you'll buy?

    🙂 I know ZERO people that still hold XRP. The #XRPARMY, HODOR, Galgitron (pump), Tiffany (Ripple bf Nik), the Bobway plant on XRPChat, this is a bunch of businessmen gifted a coin, who are multimillionaires due to an organic gift and it does almost nothing in its current state. They sell XRP and BUY their way into deals frontloading or gifting XRP to make it seem like someone loves xRapid the illiquid brainchild of DS that only works in some magic world with active XRP rails which can't become active because no one uses this coin for anything. Crypto people love projects that don't smell like scams or don't smell the "entitled screwing the average person" and that is exactly what Ripple smells like. Sell XRP is all they do! All the expansion, hiring, growth is due to the dumping of XRP killing the Hodlers. The pain will be long as CRYPTO grows I would bet all the crypto I own XRP underperforms for years and years if not failing. Demand will not outstrip supply in this leaking vessel. Forbes may not be right, but they are not far off. Smells like a pig, walks like a pig, looks like a pig, probably a pig.....no other crypto has all the RED FLAGS like Ripple.
  9. XRPtoCSC

    Just for fun, first crazy thing you'll buy?

    You arent saying "dumpcoin", the coin David S. himself sold, the coin that is a "currency", is anything like bitcoin let alone bitcoin back in 2011 are you? Dumpcoin is doing even worse as BTC roars. Every coin is doing decent to awesome (top 20 by MCl except dump coin. As others have alluded to Ripple may be fun XRP will not have great value. Go CSC! Already fully deployed now just waiting for use unlike XRP which has 50 billion to dump every day for years!! Ripple dumps more than XRP settles.
  10. Sounds great.....I have no issue people making money. $1 would get most who have DCA'd over the last 15 months in the green. What is it on XRPchat 189 weeks to go to see if XRP was a bust or not...It will take that long. No, other company like Ripple and no other coin like XRP and that isnt a compliment.
  11. XRPtoCSC

    Whos pushing the prices down

    It is still a extremely illiquid coin on few exchanges. 100k a day or less traded most days. So, I wouldnt say anymone is dumping the monetary amounts traded are so minuscule. Give it a year if it is still we're gonna, wanna, wish maybe re-evaluate.
  12. I just hope that all of the "XRP is great pundits!" realize the fallacy in thinking XRP will hit ATH again with their dilution machine running full bore. When 6-12 months from now Moneygram still can't do diddly with xRapid (no corridors egg/chicken self fulfilling prophecy fallacy) hype and Galgi-pumps tracker shows squat for weekly remittances maybe people will wise up! Add the other incessant pumpers of XRP that live, breathe, and pump XRP every hour of everyday! 100 billion coins solely used to fund operations and do pittance in remittances will not bode well for a coin price! $1 never again! Quote this in future XRP pump is trash!
  13. XRPtoCSC

    Just for fun, first crazy thing you'll buy?

    They were the magical years for manipulation and parabolic increase and decreases. Why? Few exchanges easy to manipulate as the ecosystem grows manipulation is harder, as institutions come online it will be harder for manipulation to occur. Yes, top 20 based off of Market Cap and worst performing due to the constant dumping by Ripple. Good 🙂
  14. XRPtoCSC

    Just for fun, first crazy thing you'll buy?

    It isnt 2013-2017 anymore. The more exchanges the less gross manipulation and this will continue to decrease. Asian markets have always loved LTC. Ripple sells more XRP daily to fund operations than xRapid settles daily. Galgitron tracker shows how little traction xRapid has after 8-9 months. A few thousand a day in USD is settled daily using xRapid abysmal imo. XRP is the worst performing coin in the top 20 coins this year (up 9% ytd) and that will not change. Ripple finally admitted "they" used false volume data to support their programmattic sales and now have readjusted. Even though many were saying that for 9 months + not to mention the space is getting tighter every week it seems. A new coin, new settlement agreement, new banking agreement happens using blockchain Ripple's window is closing, but they're dumping of XRP is just the "fair status quo that HODLers love" and now Jed is selling again 🙂 even David S. isn't a fan of HODLing in the real world CEO's buying their stock when they believe in it, but somehow in the world of crypto dumping most of the native coin your company supports is A-OKAY. Enjoy your XRP, but not me as of two weeks ago I own 0 and feel great about it. I see many here hype CSC on XRPchat, so many own both and love both. I think XRP is dilutive trash that will never catch on. Ripple will be fine as it continues to sell and grow xCurrent etc. with the endless cash supplied by dumping XRP. Back to CSC it is a huge gamble, but this is ground zero. I would gamble here 10x out of 10 before buying the dump coin XRP. So, in the end CSC yay XRP nay!
  15. XRPtoCSC

    Just for fun, first crazy thing you'll buy?

    People are mentioning a $1 and I'm thinking .01 would be pretty awesome given there was enough liquidity to exit lol. $1 would require multiple listing on big sites and some insane daily volume. XR "crap" can't even get to a dollar.