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  1. This is just the start.
  2. Estimated reading time: 1 min https://casinocoin.org/kb/article/how-to-install-the-new-casinocoin-token-wallet/
  3. Mr X

    Bitrue will reduce the trading fee by 40%!

    The use-case has not really started yet.
  4. The CasinoCoin blockchain is pretty expensive. But I do wanna see a high level of transactions.
  5. CasinoCoin Foundation wallet is number 5 in the list. https://explorer.casinocoin.org/richlist You can't really compare CSC and XRP IMO. CasinoCoin Started in 2018 XRP started in 2013
  6. Better update. IMO The new wallet is a little different and has a lot of errors fixed.
  7. Mr X

    Power Piggy !

    Not enough volume yet. Maybe EOY
  8. Mr X


    What happen to the owners of this club? Anyone know ?
  9. Mr X

    Genesis / ATH ?

    Started in July 2013, was just another LTC based coin but with great branding. Didn't get any traction. Original dev went missing in 2014 and no sign of him since then. New team saw the potential and took the coin over in 2017, changed from LTC to XRP based tech and increased supply to match the needs of market. Coinswap from old to new from nov 2017 - feb 2018 https://casinocoin.org/casinocoin-announces-coin-swap/
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  11. Mr X

    CasinoCoin Night Club

    It's 100% possible.
  12. Mr X

    CasinoCoin Night Club

    eGamingFund the blockchain-fuelled platform for the gaming community https://egamingfund.org/ New Token on the CasinoCoin blockchain.
  13. Mr X

    CasinoCoin Night Club

    Can't wait till Q4 starts, been waiting to run a CRN for so long now...