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  1. https://gamble-usa.com/coronavirus-online-gambling/
  2. Rumour that Cammegh should be going LIVE end of Q4 Could see crazy number of TX like 500K a day. Would be CasinoCoin the map!!
  3. Source : https://medium.com/@HolyK1cks/how-to-purchase-casinocoin-e8a17c6a7e54
  4. When is BRM out is the question : https://csc.goodgaming.com/
  5. No doubt. There is some amazing opportunities right now.
  6. https://medium.com/@legomaracas/hodl-xrp-take-a-look-at-csc-8691e86d3001
  7. Mr X

    eGamgingFund - GFG App

    CasinoCoin eGaming Fund Partners
  8. https://medium.com/@HolyK1cks/omnia-casino-and-casinocoin-4e5fffb45b6e
  9. Mr X

    CasinoCoin In Depth Look!

    There is a lot of buzz on twitter right now about csc. a lot of people are doing more research on it, which is a good thing.
  10. https://medium.com/@HolyK1cks/goodgaming-casinocoin-and-the-bank-roll-manager-9be33a130ab
  11. I heard there is a new mobile wallet coming soon. Mobile is Toastwallet, Desktop custom made.
  12. Mr X

    Cammegh LIVE

    Just hit 1000 tx
  13. And Cammegh is going live as we speak
  14. https://csc.goodgaming.com/ < New BRM Casino, Coming Soon! WHAT TO EXPECT – Instant deposits and withdrawals – Ultra-low fees – Secure storage of coins – Isle-of-Man-licensed casino – All deposits, wagers and withdrawals in CasinoCoin – CasinoCoin’s proprietary Bankroll Manager allows users to play at any casino that accepts CasinoCoin with a single registration and KYC check