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  1. Happy CSC has this now.
  2. Mr X

    Yearly Roundup: 2019

  3. CasinoCoin is going BIG!
  4. Don't get better than this.
  5. If you have a look at the test net on the CSC observer You can see CAM memos. https://csc.observer/transaction/51D957170F7762FF61D4DE822CB276EC4D4E5B271D5BBDD52138228213E4D661 looks like they are testing before going live.
  6. https://www.cryptogamblingnews.com/casinocoin-omnia-casino/
  7. Most likely changed the contract. Iv been an affiliate for 10 years. It happens.
  8. CasinoCoin are going to kill it!
  9. I believe it is, this is a very big deal!
  10. Mr X

    First to go LIVE

    The team did say they will have one or two commercial announcements in November.
  11. Mr X

    First to go LIVE

    Got a feeling something is gonna happen next week.
  12. Mr X

    CasinoCoin Partners

    nice, they needed a page like that for a while.
  13. Mr X

    Here we go BTC is up

    BTC to 10k next week.
  14. It will out this year, supposedly.
  15. Mr X

    I contacted Bitrue about CSC on PowerPiggy

    Stay tuned 6 more months ??
  16. 0.001 EOY 0.005 Mid 2020 0.01 EOY 2020